Sergey Kogogin Commended Implementation of International Cooperation and Exports National Project in Ulyanovsk Region

The Co-Chairman of the Central Office of the All-Russia People's Front, the head of the national project's thematic platform gave this assessment during his working visit to the region.


Sergey Kogogin said, “I had a look at the statistics and was pleasantly surprised by the rate of export development in the region. We can see that significant efforts have been made to support exporting enterprises. After all, this is a rather complex business process, and small enterprises find it difficult to ship their goods to foreign markets. Our government provides all conditions for export development. State institutions have been created to minimize market entry risks and to ensure financial support.”

In 2019, export of the Ulyanovsk region made USD 1 billion 97 million; compared to 2018, the growth this indicator increased by more than 300 million rubles. Currently, 161 enterprises of the region supply products to 104 countries. The main partners are Egypt, Algeria, Kazakhstan, Belarus, the USA, Germany, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia. Local manufacturers export cars and their components, radiopharmaceutical agents, furniture, processed wood products, electronic devices, fuel and other goods.

“Thanks to implementation of the national project initiated by President Vladimir Putin, the region is developing a single integrated system of export support for enterprises. It includes an educational programme, financial tools, work with major e-commerce sites and creation of export hubs abroad. All these measures helped to double export of products made in the Ulyanovsk region over the last five years, and by more than 4.5 times in the last fifteen years,” - Governor Sergey Morozov said.

Four regional programs are implemented within the International Cooperation and Export national project. These are "Industrial export", "Export of services", "Export of agricultural products", and "Systemic Development Measures for International Cooperation and Export". It is planned to allocate more than 956 billion rubles from the federal budget for implementation of the national project in 2019-2024. The following indicators should be achieved by 2024: the number of Ulyanovsk exporters must double; export of services by enterprises of the region must increase up to USD 280 million; and export of non-oil and gas manufactured goods must reach USD 750 million.

According to Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Enterprise Development of the Ulyanovsk Region, the export hub significantly increases competitiveness of local products. Thanks to the export hub, which started working in Prague in 2019, now Ulyanovsk enterprises have the opportunity to sell a variety of products in the territory of the European Union, which significantly improves their competitiveness. With the support of the hub, local manufacturers have already participated in three international European exhibitions in the territory of the European Union. The companies of the region held more than 100 B2B meetings. Negotiations are under way with five representatives of European distribution companies regarding the supply of goods made by Ulyanovsk manufacturers to promote products at EU markets. According to the relevant agency, a contract for the supply of sealing foam to Latvia worth 1,100,000 euros was signed within one of such negotiations.

Albiz and Alibaba platforms also have an online showcase for promotion of goods and services made by entrepreneurs from the Ulyanovsk region -, =a2700.7756200.0.0. 2a641afaHybsGI.