Member of Ulyanovsk Region Nuclear Innovation Cluster Developed Test System for COVID-19 Diagnostics

The region has intensified its work to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease. The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region takes personal control over the emergency response center, which has switched to the round-the-clock work schedule.


OOO "TestGen" has developed a prototype test system for fast coronavirus diagnosis (COVID-19). Currently, documents are being prepared to receive the registration certificate for this medical product.

The Governor of the Ulyanovsk region stressed, “Our manufacturing facilities and successful certification will allow us to start mass production of new diagnostic test systems for medical use according to the recommendations. We have also discussed opportunities for production of several other necessary medical goods in the Ulyanovsk region. In the near future, together with business representatives we will decide whether the region is ready to organize this work.”

TestGen is a resident of the Ulyanovsk Nanocentre (ULNANOTECH) and a member of Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster. The company develops and makes innovative test systems; for example, for prenatal diagnosis and early detection of oncological diseases. TestGen is the only manufacturer in Russia that makes tests necessary for prescription of target medication to patients with melanoma, non-small cells lung, colon and rectal cancer.

“The test system for coronavirus diagnostics is special because the analysis is performed in one step and takes a couple of hours; in addition, it is highly sensitive even to low concentrations of the virus. TestGen will start production as soon as the test system, which will cost less than its analogues, receives its registration certificate,”- said Candidate of Medical Science Andrey Toropovsky, Director General of TestGen.

The company has a strong development team and an internationally certified industrial laboratory with all necessary equipment to manufacture medical kits and to conduct quality control.

“We are pleased to see that the innovative environment created in the region yields results. All possible support, both financial and infrastructure one, has been provided to companies. This creates high-tech initiatives that reach the market as specific popular products. It is particularly important that the results of this work are in demand outside the Russian Federation,” - stressed Nikolay Zontov, Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Competition.


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Dimitrovgrad Nuclear Innovation Cluster was established in 2010 at the initiative of the head of the region. It is the main tool for development of monocities and the Ulyanovsk region in general. It aims to find new innovative solutions, to help companies to launch projects, and to ensure effective interactions between participants.