Tomotherapy Center to Open for First Patients in Ulyanovsk Region in April

On 19 March, Governor Sergey Morozov inspected the facility at the regional cancer detection center.


The project was implemented thanks to the public-private partnership with an investment of about 350 million rubles. Every year the center will be able to provide up to 650 people with high-tech expensive treatment free of charge.

The head of the region stressed, “Now it is important for us to improve medical services for oncological patients in line with the objectives set by the national project "Healthcare”. We have already updated facilities of our regional cancer detection center in Ulyanovsk. The Federal High-Technology Center of Nuclear Medicine has been opened in Dimitrovgrad. Today I examined work of the new Tomotherapy Center, which was created thanks to the mechanisms of public-private partnership. Due to the equipment, which is unique for both Russian and foreign medicine, we will improve the quality of free medical services. We have purchased more than 100 items of new equipment for the cancer detection center within the national project. The surgical wing and the thoracic clinic were repaired, and a new day hospital was opened in the chemotherapy department. We will continue modernization.”

According to Natalia Nikiforova, Director of this project in OOO "Erspey", all construction, installation and repair works have been completed for implementation of this project. It is planned that the center will be opened for the first patients in April 2020 after it gets the necessary license.

“Within the Healthcare national project, we are planning to reduce the death rate for neoplasms, as well as to increase detection of malignant neoplasms at the early stages. The Tomotherapy Center will make the latest technologies more available for the population, increase effectiveness of cancer treatment, and reduce the death rate among our citizens. The center will also help us develop medical tourism,” - said Sergey Panchenko, Minister of Health of Ulyanovsk Region.

The Tomotherapy Center has the third in Russia new modification of device for treatment of oncology patients. The unique radiotherapy unit provide high-quality irradiation of neoplasms based on the individual requirements of each patient. Employees of the Ulyanovsk cancer detection center completed training in the USA to use this technology with the new equipment. European specialists also held a tutorial in Ulyanovsk.

“Today it is the third such device in our country. Other two are available in Moscow and Kazan. The main purpose of radiation therapy is to direct the beam as accurately as possible and to save healthy tissues at the same time. This is the aim of all measures that we apply before the treatment. That is why we need magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The new device works together with the MRI scanner. This technology is one of the most advanced and highly efficient in the world. It is designed to treat all types and forms of tumors including the ones in hard-to-reach areas. This equipment also allows simultaneous irradiation of several targets in the patient's body with adjustable radiation intensity. Patients will be provided with medical examination free of charge according to the Compulsory Health Insurance,” - said Natalia Dengina, Head of the radiology department at Ulyanovsk cancer detection center.

The region has carried out major activities to address oncological diseases within the national project. In 2019, 247 million rubles were used to upgrade facilities of organizations that treat oncology patients. These funds were used to purchase 101 items of equipment for the cancer detection center. These include ultrasonography, artificial lung ventilation, life support and endoscopic apparatus, all of which are already being used. The regional children's clinical hospital that treats children with oncological pathologies received an ultrasonography device. The cancer detection center also repaired the first floor of its surgical wing.