Ulyanovsk Region Starts Production of Reusable Face Masks

On 22 March, Governor Sergey Morozov visited Rus production facility and inspected the sewing workshop that had started production of reusable face masks.


The head of the region stressed, “Face masks are highly demanded in all Russian regions, so this issue is of paramount importance for us. We are trying to find a solution as fast as possible. Now several companies of the Ulyanovsk region have responded to our request to make masks in the region. Rus factory has already started working. First of all, we are planning to provide mask to those who need them the most: doctors, workers of the public transport sector, pharmacists, and salesmen. We will keep working to address this problem.”

Due to the current situation with coronavirus disease in the country and around the world, the Ulyanovsk region is implementing a set of measures to prevent the spread of infection in the industrial sector. Working groups have been created to monitor the situation and to interact directly with enterprises of the region.

At the moment, Rus has received purchase orders for 15 thousand units; all necessary raw materials are available.

“In the present circumstances, it is important for us to ensure work of the enterprise and its employees. At first, we thought about protection of our staff and customers. Then we found out that other people also need it. Sewing face masks is a normal thing for us. The mask has three layers and can be used more than once. We are also planning to supply these goods to our distributing facilities so that our customers could also use them,” - said Zinaida Izmailova, Chairman of the Board of AO "Rus".

The factory is going to make about three thousand masks a day. In the near future, the first batches of goods will be shipped to the distributing facility of AO HC "Rus". AO "Gulliver JSC" is one of the first customers.

“Our line personnel are in contact with thousands of customers every day and thus are the most affected by infections. The regional government responded immediately to our issue. For us, it is very important that the supplier is in the region and that we will be able to identify all our requirements in real time. We need about 12,000 masks for the next two weeks.  Availability of personal protection items is a requirement of the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare (Rospotrebnadzor), so we are obliged to comply with it. In addition, our shops install protective screens made of organic plastic to minimize shop assistants' contact with customers. Our main task is to maintain good health of our employees,” - said Elena Sorokina, Director General of AO "Gulliver".

According to the plan of activities aimed at prevention of coronavirus diseases at facilities of the Ulyanovsk region, organizations should have reserves of raw materials, fuel, equipment and components so as to ensure stable work with suppliers. They must also develop a range of disease prevention activities for employees.

The Ministry of Industry and Transport of Ulyanovsk Region conducted a survey among enterprises to find out what personal protection equipment, remote temperature measuring devices and thermal cameras they need. All information was sent to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in a timely manner. According to Andrey Turin, First Deputy Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region, Shvabe Holding is ready to provide regional facilities with all necessary equipment. The company has already received via hotline more than 30 applications from enterprises and organizations of the Ulyanovsk region. All of them will be completed.

To receive necessary measuring equipment, please contact Shvabe Holding through its hotline (8 800 301 5599) or e-mail (help@shvabe.com).