Agricultural Sector Shows Stable GrowthinUlyanovsk Region

Governor Sergey Morozov chaired a meeting of the Food Security Doctrine Council, which took place on 23 March.


The strategic aim of food security is to provide the population with high quality, affordable and safe agricultural products, raw materials and supplies as specified by the rational norms of food consumption.

Governor Sergey Morozov said, “It is very important for us to ensure food security of the Ulyanovsk region's residents during the high alert regime. I would like to note that according to the data for 2019, there has been a positive development in livestock breeding of the region. The total productive capacity of our dairy farms is 24 thousand tons of milk a year. In addition, meat production has increased over the past year. The grain harvested in 2019 amounted to 1 million 168.6 thousand tons. This is enough both to meet the domestic needs of the region (800 thousand tons) and to realize export potential of the regional agro-industrial complex. These positive indicators allow us to create an emergency supply of products for inhabitants of the region. The Ulyanovsk region has everything it needs.”

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, goods made by Ulyanovsk agricultural producers will be enough to meet the needs of its population.

Mikhail Semyonkin said, “There has been a positive development in livestock breeding of the region by the end of 2019. The number of cattle and pigs increased, as well as the volume of milk and meat production. In 2019, the gross milk yield at farms of all categories grew by 4.2% compared to results of 2018 and made 220.3 thousand tons. This was achieved thanks to the technological modernization of dairy farming. New dairy complexes such as OOO "Agro-Neptun", OOO "Peasant Farm Holding "Vozrozhdenie", OOO "Kalateya", OOO "Hmelyovskoe" and cooperative "Novaya zhizn" (Cherdaklin District) were built in the region just over the last two years. Their total productive capacity is 24 thousand tons of milk a year. According to the data for 2019, the milk yield per cow made 5,729 kg. We have never had such an output level. This is more than two times higher than the best milk yield during the Soviet period.”

According to experts of the relevant agency, the region produced live weight of livestock and poultry in amount of about 65.9 thousand tons in 2019, which is by 4.4% more than in 2018. The growth of meat production was achieved thanks to implementation of investment projects in the field of pig farming (OOO "SKIK Novomalyklinsky", OOO "R.O.S.-Bekon", OOO "Zolotoykolos") and poultry farming (OOO "EkoFermaRus"). The Government of the Ulyanovsk region is actively working to attract investment in this sector. In addition, the existing poultry farms continuously upgrade their facilities and invest in their development.

The poultry farm "Personal" in Veshkaimsky District is actively implementing a project worth about 50 million rubles for construction of a modern slaughter-house; 20 new jobs will be created. The EkoFermaRus plant in Novomalyklinsky District continues building an advanced poultry-breeding facility that will have two modern buildings for 100 thousand birds. Total investments make more than 100 million rubles, and 20 new jobs will be created.

The region continues developing its agricultural sector. Potato production has increased to 107.8% (210 thousand tons), while its domestic consumption amounts to 140 thousand tons. Taking into account all farms, the food supply makes 150%. The population needs about 133 thousand tons of vegetables. In 2019, production of these goods remained almost at the same level as last year (145 thousand tons), while in the commodity sector (at farms) it increased to 120%.