Sergey Morozov Signed Decree on Additional Measures to Prevent Spread of Coronavirus Infection in Ulyanovsk Region

On 25 March, the Governor approved a document under which the region will stop any activities in nightclubs and similar facilities, cinema, children's playrooms, and other leisure and entertainment services.


According to the Decree, it is not allowed to smoke hookah in restaurants, bars, cafes and other similar places in the Ulyanovsk region.

The measures shall be effective as of 27 March.

The Governor stressed, “Let us look out for ourselves and others during this difficult period; we must observe all necessary precautions and hygiene rules above all things. Now is the best time to stay at home with your family if you have such an opportunity. Yesterday, the President asked Russians to pay particular attention to doctors' recommendations and measures introduced in the regions by public authorities. Much depends on you and me nowadays; how we will treat implementation of these recommendations and how disciplined and law-abiding we will be.”

The Ulyanovsk region has step up measures to prevent the spread of viral infection.

Universities and secondary specialized educational institutions have introduced distance learning. Schoolchildren are currently on holiday. Regional sport schools and sports and recreation centers have stopped all trainings; stadiums are closed. Since 17 March, clubs and creative collectives have been temporarily suspended; children's art schools and secondary vocational training establishments working in the field of culture have been transferred to remote learning and individualized education programmes; group classes have been cancelled. Performances and concerts have been cancelled since 19 March; tickets are no longer sold for cultural and mass events in April and May 2020. Visitors have limited access to museums, libraries and archives.

“In accordance with the Russian legislation, residents of the Ulyanovsk region have the right to get refunds for the tickets that were cancelled due to recommendations of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and measures for prevention of the coronavirus infection. To get their money back, Ulyanovsk residents need to contact box offices where their tickets were purchased. If you bought tickets online, then it is necessary to call hotlines of these websites. Now we are working to postpone these events until a later date; their tickets will be still valid if you decide to attend them,” - said Evgenia Sidorova, Minister of Arts and Cultural Policy.

Due to the quarantine, the regional Ministry of Physical Education and Sports together with the general public have developed a platform called "Sport online". The programme has video courses for trainings at home, as well as recommendations and collections of fitness applications, e-books and films about sport, and announcements for activities in social networks and competitions online. According to experts of the Ministry, it is planned to hold the first online sports competitions in the near future.

Residents of the Ulyanovsk region can also attend cultural events online. The programme is available on the website of the regional Ministry of Art and Cultural Policy (

President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on the coronavirus pandemic on 25 March. He stressed, “Don't think: ‘This can't happen to me.’ It can happen to anyone. The situation in many Western countries today, both in Europe and beyond, can become our immediate future. All recommendations must be followed. We must protect ourselves and our loved ones, demonstrate discipline and responsibility. And believe me, the most important thing now is to stay home.”