Contact Center Opens for Organizations Working under Restrictive Measures

Alexander Smekalin, Chairman of the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region, reported to Governor Sergey Morozov during the meeting regardingcurrent situation in the labor market.


The head of the region stressed, “During the coronavirus pandemic, we must identify measures to support personnel and prevent violation of labor legislation. Now it is important to pay attention to people who can lose their jobs, to take further steps to support them. It is necessary to finalize recommendations of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Russian Federation while taking into account regional specifics and to provide employers with detailed explanations. The enterprises that can now work according to the legislation should have strict regulations of the work process including measures for sanitary protection of personnel. We will also keep a close eye on this situation. The Ulyanovsk region has approved an action plan to support economy of the region during the pandemic; there are tools to support entrepreneurs in the current situation, so we expect employers to use them and treat their staff responsibly.”

On 30 March, Governor Sergey Morozov signed a Decree on introduction of the self-isolation regime in the region starting from 31 March. According to the document, between 31 March and 5 April, citizens need to keep a distance from others of at least 1.5 meters (social distancing) including public places and public transport (except for taxis). Organizations will use special markings and establish a special regime in buildings and their premises. Employers whose activities are not suspended need to ensure compliance with the methodological recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to prevent new coronavirus infection, which includes sanitary treatment of premises. They should also provide employees with special certificates.

“Each organization must submit to the contact center a copy of the order with the list of specialists who will continue to work. Then it will receive the right to issue certificates. We do it to ensure that the services controlling movement around the city can compare the data and check whether the person actually has to go to work and if the organization has submitted necessary information. The certificate will have a single format. We will start checking these certificates starting tomorrow,” - Alexander Smekalin explained.

You can call the contact-center via (8422) 27-82-14 and 27-82-15 or send an email at

Restrictions do not apply to the medical professionals, law enforcement officers, civil defense and emergency situations agencies and their respective organizations, bodies responsible for supervision in the field of consumer rights protection and human welfare, other organizations that protect the life and health, maintain public order and property and ensure social security.

President Vladimir Putin addressed the nation on the coronavirus pandemic on 25 March.

He stressed,“All current and future measures will work and yield results if we display unity and understand how difficult the current situation is. If the State, society and citizens work together, if we do our best. We must keep in mind our personal responsibility for our loved ones, for people who live close by, who need our help and support. In fact, such solidarity is the main strength of any society; the mutual support and effectiveness of our response to the challenge.”

The contact center's single phone number for employers is 112.

The State Labour Inspectorate in the Ulyanovsk region monitores delays in payment of wages including the cases caused by poor sanitary and epidemiological situation, as well as dismissal of workers and other violations of their rights. Currently, there is a separate hotline to address violations of labor legislation during the pandemic: (8422) 44-29-05, 8-962-630-34-64. The official Onlain-inspekciya.RF (Онлайн-инспекция.РФ) website has a section for applications related to violation of workers' labor rights during the coronavirus epidemic. The Inspectorate keeps employers well-informed about the ways to prevent the spread of infection.

During the meeting, participants also discussed the situation at the labour market of the Ulyanovsk region in terms of the pandemic. According to the relevant agency, the Ulyanovsk region has 2939 unemployed citizens (the level of registered unemployment is 0.47%). There are 11,860 active vacancies. Compared to the previous week, the number has increased by 163. “Employment services continue to work. In each branch has specialists who provide some remote services and make appointments for citizens to the employment office. The same work is carried out with employers,”- said Svetlana Dronova, Head of the Agency for Human and Labor Development of Ulyanovsk Region.

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