Light Industry Enterprises of Ulyanovsk Region Make about 50 Thousand Medical Face Masks a Day

Under the measures introduced to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection in the region, three leading sewing enterprises - Boston, Rus and Elegant - have changed their production cycle to manufacture personal protective equipment.


By order of Governor Sergey Morozov, the enterprises have found a way to promote production of face masks. The garment factory "Boston" makes more than 25 thousand items daily, and the company "Rus" has increased its production of reusable masks up to 15 thousand a day. OOO "Elegant" started manufacturing similar goods in early April.

According to the Governor's Decree, enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region continue production of personal protective equipment. The factories have increased sanitary and epidemiological measures and have tighten supervision over health of their employees. During the spread of new infection, OOO "Boston" provides employees with corporate transport to minimize contacts outside their houses.

To provide residents with personal protective equipment, retail stores of Boston and Rus factories sell reusable face masks made in Ulyanovsk.

“Our retail stores receive products three times a day. Every day we supply about 10 thousand items of personal protective equipment. We have decided to start selling only masks now. Our sellers go to work only to protect citizens and to provide them with the necessary goods. They follow all sanitary requirements. We minimize contacts between the seller and the buyer by using sneeze guards; we work in the same way as pharmacy chains,” - said Eskhat Malikov, Director of OOO "Boston".