Ulyanovsk Region to Increase Capacity of Laboratories to Detect Coronavirus

On 13 April, Governor Sergey Morozov visited public health facilities and examined their readiness to help patients with COVID-19.


The head of the region said, “The challenge before us is to increase the number of daily screening for coronavirus infection. The sooner we identify all hotbeds of this disease, the faster we can take preventive measures. Currently, 200-300 tests are studied daily, and our task is to increase this number to 1000 tests a day. For this purpose, five laboratories will be opened soon in addition to the current four. We are also continuing to prepare beds for patients with coronavirus, as well as purchasing extra artificial lung ventilation devices and personal protective equipment.”

Coronavirus testing is carried out for people who have returned to the region with signs of respiratory diseases or who had contacts with COVID-19 patients or the ones with community-acquired pneumonia, as well as people over 65 with symptoms of ARVI who sought medical treatment. This also applies to health care workers risk getting coronavirus at their workplace; they are checked every week.

“Medical testing of doctors is carried out according to the schedule in two laboratories: the Ulyanovsk Regional Hospital and the City Polyclinic № 5. To date, about 800 health care workers have already undergone it. In the near future, the testing will be carried out in the laboratory of the Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University. Four other public healthcare organizations are also going to open laboratories: the Ulyanovsk Regional Children's Hospital, the City Clinical Hospital №1, the Regional Clinical Skin and Venereal Disease Dispensary and the Central Primary Healthcare Center,” - said Victor Misharin, Deputy Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Region Government - Minister of Health.

The head of the region inspected premises of the PCR laboratory, as well as infectious disease box unit of the Regional Children's Hospital that can become a facility for treatment of children with COVID-19 and acute surgical pathologies.

“We have repurposed an infectious disease box unit with 18 beds to provide emergency surgical treatment to patients with somatic pathology and people with suspected and detected coronavirus infection. All rooms are isolated. The PCR laboratory will be used in order to carry out laboratory diagnostics of coronavirus infection; it will be supplied with all necessary equipment. Currently, we are purchasing reagents worth more than 10 million rubles,” - said Aleksey Kuzin, Acting Chief Medical Officer at the Regional Children's Hospital.

In addition, Sergey Morozov examined repair works carried out in the Central Primary Healthcare Center, which is planning to provide 415 beds for patients with infectious diseases.

“To date, the therapy unit has 77 beds to treat patients with coronavirus infection. Twenty-four of them are equipped with artificial lung ventilation devices and thirty beds will be used for serious cases that require oxygen. The building of the former maternity hospital is being repaired: the roof is being repaired, electrical and plumbing work is carried out on all floors, and windows are being partially replaced. Sixty percent of these activities have been completed,” - commented Elena Ledyaeva, Chief Medical Officer of the Central Primary Healthcare Center.