Martur Helps Ulyanovsk Manufacturers to Sew Medical Face Masks

Governor Sergey Morozov reach agreement with management of the company during his visit to the plant on 14 April.


“During the coronavirus pandemic, our foreign partners are joining the common cause and helping the region. I would like to thank them for this. Almost 60 enterprises and entrepreneurs are manufacturing reusable face masks in the Ulyanovsk region now. We are happy to see that Martur has also joined this work. Thanks to this, the region will be able to make additional five thousand masks per day. Boston factory will provide the plant with all necessary sewing materials. Martur will help with sewing free of charge. This is an excellent example of mutual support during such a difficult period for all of us,” - the head of the region mentioned.

Martur plant has been working in the region since autumn 2015. This Turkish company started commercial production of car seats in January 2016. The main clients of the Ulyanovsk enterprise include Renault plant in Moscow and AvtoVAZ plant in Togliatti. Investments in the project made more than 400 million rubles; currently the plant employs 240 residents of the region.

“We are ready to start production of masks; our sewing workshop has mastered the manufacturing process. We will provide our services free of charge and are planning to start this work from 20 April. We will ask 40 seamstresses to help with production of hygiene goods. Boston will supply us with the necessary materials. We will sew cut out parts and ship them to Boston as end product. We are going to cover all costs connected with salaries and materials,” - said Hagan Dzhangirov, Director of MARTUR FOMPAK International plant n Ulyanovsk.

According to Sergey Vasin, Head of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, the company actively cooperates with Ulyanovsk businesses. Martur implements a programme for supply base localization. The plant works with such suppliers as Dimitrovgrad Spring Plant, Nomatex and Almet. The company is planning to increase localization up to 50-70%, which will strengthen the presence of Russian small and medium-sized enterprises in the cooperation chain of the enterprise.