Ulyanovsk Enterprise Exports First Batch of Blades for Wind Farms

On 14 April, Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the formal ceremony to mark the first consignment of blades, which took part at Vestas Manufacturing Rus plant.


The ceremony was attended by Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Carsten Søndergaard, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to the Russian Federation, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company, and Kimal Yusupov, Managing Director of Vestas Manufacturing Rus. Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the event took place via videoconference.

Sergey Morozov said, “The Ulyanovsk region is proud to be the birthplace of the national wind power industry. The very first megawatt-level wind park was built here, production of wind turbine blades was launched, and Ulyanovsk State Technical University started its first programme to train specialists for this sector. We have plans for further development of this sphere.”

One of the key components for wind turbines has been manufactured in Russia and exported for the first time in the history of domestic power plant engineering. A batch of 48 blades was sent to the customer in Denmark to build a new wind farm. The blades (each 62 meters long and weighing 12.5 tons) will be transported from Ulyanovsk to the port in Togliatti by truck; then they will be shipped to the customer in Denmark on two vessels by mid-May. The blades are designed for Vestas V126 turbines, which have the capacity of 3.45 MW. Thanks to them, the customer will build 55 MW of facilities for additional wind power generation.

According to Yury Borisov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Russian Government will continue to support creation of new high-tech production facilities in this sphere.

Yury Borisov said, “More than 5 GW of solar, wind and water power generating facilities will be built by 2024 within the programmes to support renewable energy development. The Government of the Russian Federation will continue supporting this sphere after 2024 due to the importance of the renewable energy sector development, as well as the need to improve industrial competencies and to ensure export of high-tech equipment and services made by this industry in the future.”

Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of the Executive Board of RUSNANO Management Company, commented, “The Vestas and ROSNANO plant in Ulyanovsk, which is the first facility to manufacture wind turbine blades in Russia, has once again proved its status as the pioneer in the domestic wind power sector. The first export of Russian wind power equipment means that we are committed to fulfilling our obligations under the Special Investment Contract. We are proud that Ulyanovsk blades will be used in Denmark, the birthplace of the world wind power industry and currently the world leader of this industry.”

Vestas Manufacturing Rus enterprise, which was opened in the region in December 2018, manufactures composite blades for wind turbines that have no analogues in the Russian Federation. The production facility is located in an aviation cluster in Ulyanovsk. The blades are designed for wind turbines with the capacity of 3.4 to 4.2 MW. It is planned to produce more than 250 blades in 2020 and to increase this number up to 300 items per year in 2021. The partners of the project include Vestas, ROSNANO and the Ulyanovsk Region Investor Consortium, which consists of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation and ULNANOTECH. Investments into the project made more than 2 billion rubles. The high-tech production facility has created more than 400 jobs.

Nils de Baar, President of Vestas in Northern and Central Europe, noted that the company together with ROSNANO and local industrial partners fully complies with the export obligation taken by the Ulyanovsk plant within the Special Investment Contract.

The unique production of wind turbine components was created within the Special Investment Contract (SPIC) by Vestas Manufacturing Rus, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Ulyanovsk Region. The SPIC signed for eight years became the first in the domestic power plant engineering. In exchange for the joint venture's obligation to create an industrial production that has no analogues in Russia, the mechanism guarantees the stability of tax and regulatory conditions for a successful technology transfer.


As a reference:

Vestas (Denmark) is a global leader in the production of wind turbines. Together with RUSNANO, it transfers wind power technologies and develops its production facilities in Russia. The production of turbine blades in Ulyanovsk is one of the key stages of the programme for localization of wind power equipment in Russia (it contributes 18%). Vestas was selected as the supplier of renewable energy equipment for the Wind Energy Development Fund, which was established by AO "RUSNANO" and PAO "Fortum" on a parity basis. It implements projects for construction of wind farms with the total capacity of more than 1,800 MW by 2023.