Ambulances Made in Ulyanovsk Region to Be Shipped to All Regions of Russia

On 22 April, Governor Sergey Morozov checked out production setup at OOO "Avtodom" and monitored compliance with sanitary-and-epidemiological regulations applied during the coronavirus pandemic.



The head of the region stressed, “We have decided to gradually return facilities of the real sector of economy to their working state. There are tough requirements for all establishments that are planning to return to work. Employers must strictly observe all regulations and responsible for the lives and health of their employees. Resumption of work should not affect the epidemiological situation in the region. The President instructed us to provide additional assistance to companies in the fight against coronavirus. I believe that this is unprecedented support in such difficult conditions. And now Ulyanovsk enterprise "Avtodom", which produces ambulances for the whole Russia, has a great responsibility to improve vehicles of public health facilities.”

OOO "Avtodom" together with "Ford Sollers Elabuga" and Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant execute the programme of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and manufacture ambulances of the C-class. 653 Ford Transit vehicles and 132 UAZ Profi ones are equipped with medical equipment.

“During the pandemic, we are making only ambulances at the request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. The vehicles are shipped to all regions of the country. It is important that these cars have artificial lung ventilation devices. Consumers are to receive all vehicles by the end of June. The Ulyanovsk region is also included in this list. In the current conditions, the assembly process is more difficult as it is necessary to observe all safety precautions,” - said Dmitry Kondratiev, Director of OOO "Avtodom".

Some of the manufactured ambulances have already been shipped; the regions with the greatest need for equipment receive them first. Currently, the plant has about 150 employees. According to the internal order, employees' temperature is measured every day; they also must wear masks and gloves. Social distancing is observed at all production sites. The plant is provided with antiseptics and disinfectants.

Special groups ensure that all enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region comply with preventive measures during the high alert regime.

“One of inspection groups has also checked out our plant and no violations were observed. Moreover, the emergency response team of the Ulyanovsk region keeps the companies well-informed and provides them with recommendations that must be implemented in the current situation,” - said Arseny Lebedev, Head of the Sales Department at OOO "Avtodom".



As a reference:

OOO "Avtodom" is one of the leading Russian automobile manufacturers. The company has been producing special purpose vehicles for more than 15 years. These include ambulances, vehicles suitable for transporting children and disabled people, cars for police response teams, municipal and suburban buses, cargo-and-passenger vehicles and gas-cylinder cars. All means of transport are made with the use of both domestic and foreign brands. Products of the Ulyanovsk plant are shipped throughout Russia.