Karavan Dobra Starts in Ulyanovsk Region

The fourth charity motor rally started on 26 April when participants started their journey from the regional center to all municipalities.



Sergey Morozov, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region, also joined the event.

Sergey Morozov announced, “Since the start of Karavan Dobra, it has become clear that it is not a one-day event, but a real cause that must be continued. I would like to thank everyone who joined this action today.”

About 15 vehicles are to bring 10 thousand food packages to all regions of the region.

“This year, volunteers of the #Mivmeste campaign, which helps residents during the spread of coronavirus infection, medical volunteers and the All-Russia People's Front also joined Karavan Dobra. All volunteers received online training, and we personally briefed them on safety rules, as well as provided them with all necessary personal protective equipment. The campaign is safe both for volunteers and for people who will receive their help,” - said Kristina Antonova, regional coordinator of the All -Russian Public Movement of Medical Volunteers.

Karavan Dobra is organized by the automobile club "UAZ Patriot Ulyanovsk", the charity fund "Dari Dobro", the online news outlet "Ulpravda" and the Center for Volunteer Service Development of ANO "Schastlivy region".

The region is already providing food packages to citizens living in difficult circumstances and students entitled to various exemptions. Food packages are purchased with the means of the municipal budget, the charity fund "Dari Dobro" and other organizations, as well as through the help of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region, individual entrepreneurs and non-profit associations.