Tomotherapy Center for Cancer Treatment Starts Its Work in Full Capacity

Governor Sergey Morozov visited the regional cancer detection center on 27 April and examined the new unit, which had first opened in April.



The head of the region said, “Today we should not forget about detection and treatment of cancer, one of the most important tasks that we need to solve to increase life expectancy. This task was set by the national project "Healthcare”, which is implemented at the initiative of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. High-tech methods of diagnosis and treatment are vital to struggle against cancer. Eight outpatient centers and cancer care facilities will be established by 2024 in order to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care for patients with such diseases. This year, we are going to continue re-equipment of the Regional Cancer Detection Centre. The new tomotherapy facility will make quality medical care readily available for Ulyanovsk patients.”

The project is implemented thanks to the public-private partnership with the investment of about 350 million rubles. The unique radiotherapy unit will provide high-quality irradiation of neoplasms based on the individual needs of each patient. The center will be able to treat up to 650 people free of charge every year.

According to Natalya Nikiforova, Director of OOO "Erspey", there are only two such devices in Russia - one in Moscow and one in Kazan. This shows that such technology is highly effective and is regarded as an integral part of the best federal cancer detection centers and scientific institutions. Part of the medical staff studied in the USA to learn how to provide quality medical care using new equipment; in the future, specialists from this country will carry out comprehensive training of all personnel at the radiotherapy unit.

The tomotherapy system is used for treatment of all types and forms of tumors, total body and hard-to-access neoplasms irradiation (spinal cord, head, neck, mammary glands, true pelvis and lungs). Equipment made in the United States includes advanced technology of intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) that delivers precise radiation doses to a malignant tumor or specific areas within the tumor and minimizes damage to healthy tissues.

"Our center is really new. It has been opened only recently, even though its development has taken quite a lot of time. We have already tested the high-tech equipment; the apparatus really allows to implement precise methods of radiation therapy. It had two phases and combines two units. An MRI scanner us used to detect the focus area. The direct irradiation is applied with the use of a linear accelerator built into this apparatus. In some cases, the new equipment allows to treat patients without invasive surgery," - said Natalya Dengina, Head of Radiology Department at regional cancer detection center.