Ulyanovsk Region to Launch Investment Project for Construction of Synthetic Field Watering System in Online Mode

The concept of project development at OOO "Agro-Invest" was presented to Governor Sergei Morozov in Novospassky District.



Sergey Morozov noted, “The main task for all municipalities is to begin the spring planting. The weather will be favorable starting next week. We will sum up the results after 15 May. Our colleagues from Novospassky District are successfully introducing new technologies. Today, I learned about the new investment project of OOO "Agro-Invest" for construction of synthetic field watering system in online mode. The overall investment totaled 120 million rubles. This will allow to harvest completely different volumes of crops. The company has carefully studied experience of its neighbors and selected rapeseed, malt, soybean and corn. Thanks to implementation of the new investment project, we will see the two-three times increase in yield from irrigated lands. They are ready to start early in May.”

According to Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development, construction of the irrigation field across the area of 544 hectares will provide additional irrigation.

The main focus of OOO "Agro-Invest" is crop production. In 2010, the company started cultivating 5,200 hectares. Currently, the crop land occupies 31,477 hectares. The farm employs about 170 people who receive the average monthly salary of more than 33,600 rubles. The company is also growing fodder crops on the area of 2,901 hectares. In 2019, the company had a good harvest of winter grains. The gross wheat output amounted to 6,316 tons and the sunflower yield made 16,979 tons.

“We pay particular attention to the volume of yields and the quality of our products. This is achieved by optimizing the structure of farmland, using modern methods of soil cultivation, applying mineral fertilizers and protecting plants. The agronomic services use elite released varieties and hybrids as their own seed grains. Twice a month, we conduct studies together with mechanization experts and specialists of the enterprise. The region is visited by scientists from the Agricultural Research Institute, as well as representatives of Bayer and John Deere. We hold meeting to prepare for the spring planting on a daily basis. Our agronomists undergo re-training and improve their skills. We pay great attention to repair and upgrade of the existing farm machinery and equipment. We buy new tractors every year,” - said Evgeny Boyko, Head of OOO "Agro-Invest".