New Production to Be Placed in Dimitrovgrad Industrial Park "Master"

The agreement on implementation of the investment project was signed by Governor Sergey Morozov, Sergey Vasin (Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation) and Eduard Pilovec (founder of OOO "Plastik-DD") on 5 May.



Negotiations with the investor took place via videoconference.

The company will manufacture plastic products for the agricultural and automotive industries.

Sergey Morozov said, “The pandemic does not stop us from promoting interests of the region. I want to thank our partners for the effective cooperation, remote though it is. The company will manufacture automotive components, as well as livestock identification tags that were previously imported from China. Twenty new jobs will be created for residents of Dimitrovgrad. We can see that the production site of the industrial park "Master" is in great demand. The number of potential residents who want to occupy this space is increasing. Currently, 200 people are working in the park at the facilities of its residents such as Polesie DG, Torsion-D, Prisma, AVP Rotang, Dimitrovgrad Valve Plant and other companies. We are negotiating with about 20 more companies, which we offer placement in the industrial park.”

Investments in the new enterprise will total 20 million rubles at the first stage; this sum can be increased to 40 million rubles in the future. The production is to be launched at the end of 2020.

“The investor will manufacture livestock identification tags for OOO "Miratorg". Earlier, such products were imported to Russia from China, so this project is interesting for us in terms of import substitution. The company will also make components for the automotive industry; at the moment, negotiations with KAMAZ are under way,” - said Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

During online negotiations, participants also talked about a new investment project of the Russian company, which is to be implemented in the Port Special Economic Zone. The company will manufacture equipment for major enterprises specializing in the oil and gas sector.



As a reference:

OOO "Plastik-DD" is a legal entity registered for implementation of the project in the priority social and economic development area "Dimitrovgrad". The main production facility of OOO "PK Polimermaks" is located in the Moscow Region; other manufacturing department can be found in Smolensk and Belarus. The company supplies equipment and spare parts for the polymer industry, makes polymer materials, functional additives and color concentrates for molding, as well as provides services in the field of metalworking, plastic molding, repair, maintenance and upgrade of automatic molding machine, logistics.