Ulyanovsk Region to Open New Cheese-Making Facility

On 7 May, Governor Sergey Morozov reviewed an investment project for upgrade of the dairy plant "Vita" in Kuzovatovsky District.



This plant is one of the leading enterprises of the region's food industry. It makes semi-firm classic types of cheese, butter, dry demineralized whey, curd and curd products, and processed cheese. The quality of products has been confirmed by the numerous industry-related awards and prizes.

The Governor said, “Now the municipality should provide all necessary support to prepare its infrastructure for implementation of the project and to recruit necessary personnel. This project will provide Kuzovatovsky District with an impressive number of jobs. In addition, the new production site should have raw materials of the highest quality purchased from local agricultural manufacturers. This project will help Ulyanovsk farmers sell their goods.”

According to experts of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, livestock farming is developing in the Ulyanovsk region; in particular, construction of a new complex for two thousand livestock units started in the agricultural cooperative named after N.K. Krupskaya in 2020.

“Within the investment project, we have already developed a road map and created a working group for its implementation. We focus on providing the enterprise with professional staff. Their training is carried out at the technical college in Kuzovatovsky District, where 63 students are already studying at the Department of Food Processing Technologies. Ulyanovsk State Agrarian University also has a similar department where it trains necessary specialists,” - said Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development.

It is planned that the dairy plant "Vita" will increase its cheese-making capacity by more than 33% by mid-summer. As part of the cheese-making workshop's upgrade, an additional cheese processing machine has already been installed at the plant, and work is under way to re-pipe the equipment and to move the microbiological laboratory. Then the plant will start construction of a new manufacturing building with the total area of 4.2 hectares, which will help to expand the product range of traditional European cheese. This includes such sorts as Edam, Gouda and Oltermanni.

“Our main activities involve cheese products. The dairy plant "Vita" uses natural raw materials purchased from verified Volga farmers to make all its goods. Now the plant's output is more than 200 tons of milk per day. Production is growing every year. Today, we produce five thousand tons of cheese a year; we will double this number in the future. We must work hard to do this. During the difficult conditions of pandemic, all employees take the situation seriously and observe all safety measures; they clean their hands and wear masks and gloves,” - said Sergey Soluyanov, Director General of OOO "Dairy Plant Vita".

According to Aleksandr Vilchik, Head of Administration of Kuzovatovsky District, OOO "Vita" is a promising facility for the district and one of the main taxpayers. He said, “More than 420 people work there. The district will support the major project for modernization of this production. We will help with development of infrastructure; in particular, we are ready to provide additional land for construction of the new plant. We are working on joint design documentation for waste treatment facilities. The plans also include development of the engineering infrastructure; in particular, construction of access routes.”