Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant Successfully Completes State Orders during Coronavirus Pandemic

On 8 May, Governor Sergey Morozov inspected how the enterprise organizes its manufacturing process during pandemic and congratulated workers on the upcoming holiday, the 75th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.



The head of the region emphasized, “Today we have had a look at both production indicators and the plant's plans; and, most importantly, we are able to see how staff members are dealing with the current situation. Being here on the eve of our main holiday, the Victory Day, I want to say on behalf of all Ulyanovsk residents that we are immensely grateful to our veterans, all representatives of the workforce and the management of the enterprise for the memories, for the things that we were able to preserve and share with future generations, for their loyalty to our country. And, of course, for production achievements; despite the economic challenges, employees continue working. These people are supported by the President of the Russian Federation and the federal Government. We will do our best to provide the plant with good orders in the coming months.”

During the meeting regarding development of the automotive industry, which took place on 24 April, President Vladimir Putin recognized the need to ensure stable work throughout the whole chain and the market - from production of automotive components to retail sales of automobiles and their maintenance. He also said that it is important to support the consumer demand for products of the automotive industry.

“We have already developed a number of mechanisms and tools to provide such support. I am talking about the programs of preferential car loans such as "Semeiniy avtomobil" ("Family Car") or "Perviy avtomobil" ("First Car"). I have already talked about the purchase of mobile intensive care units today. I think it is necessary to allocate another five billion rubles to buy ambulances - this is the response to what my colleagues said today. This way we will increase efficiency and accessibility of medical services, including the ones for people living in small towns and villages. Of course, this order will help to stimulate the demand and will become the support for car manufacturers. But above all, it is vital today for the whole country, for the regions, for people. And that is why I expect that contracts will be fulfilled to the best of your ability and on time. In addition, about 25 thousand new cars will be purchased this year by such government departments as the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Guard of Russia (Rosgvardia), the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and a number of other organizations. This has already been decided,” - the head of State noted.

Currently, the production schedule of OOO "UAZ" for May has 2,800 cars, which include 150 mobile patrol vehicles and C and B-class ambulances.

“We receive support from corporate and government orders. Thanks to the support of the city and regional authorities, employees of the plant can complete the order for May, which involves more than 2.5 thousand cars. These include orders of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, which helps the plant continue working and guarantee that people will receive their salaries. We are also able to provide the necessary services with all they need in time so that they could work in the current situation,” - said Alexey Spirin, Executive Director of OOO "UAZ".

Since April 2020, the automobile plant has introduced random preventive testing of personnel for COVID-19. Daily tests are carried out for 30-40 employees in facilities that involve auxiliary personnel. The plant was granted permission to use no more than 80% of the total number of its personnel. UAZ is currently working in three shifts: the first one has 2,160 employees; the second one - about 1,500; the third one - about 400.