Twenty-Seven Agro-Industrial Investment Projects to Be Implemented in Ulyanovsk Region in 2020

They will develop the key components of agriculture such as food processing, livestock, poultry, crop and fish farming. Prospects for development of the agricultural sector and a plan to improve the standard of living in rural areas were presented to Governor Sergey Morozov in Novospassky District.



The head of the region said, “We have an ambitious task to increase investment attractiveness of rural areas, as well as to bring external investors and to stimulate the regional ones. Development of investment activities in agriculture should become one of the main tasks for municipalities because we understand that the socio-economic condition of rural areas in the region is based on the agro-industrial complex. This sphere is one of the effective tools to restore economy after the pandemic.”

Projects in various spheres of agriculture are successfully implemented in the region. A company "Ulyanovskaya indeyka" is planning to build a poultry production facility with the capacity of 20 thousand tons of meat per year in Kuzovatovsky District in 2020. About 5.9 billion rubles will be invested in the project and 1200 new jobs will be created. A company "Vostok" is going to implement its investment project to reconstruct a meat farm in Novomalyklinsky District in 2020 thus increasing the number of livestock to 700 heads, as well as to build a sheep unit for 1000 animals. The total investment volume makes 150 million rubles; 15 new jobs will be created. The investment project of OOO "Gulyushevskoe" is implemented in Sursky District. It is planned to build a livestock farm there, which will also establish 12 new workplaces. The total investment volume is about 100 million rubles. The investor also wants to complete reconstruction of the livestock facility and to purchase 1100 heads of young cattle in 2020.

“Investments are an effective tool to achieve our common goal: to improve the quality of life and the well-being of people in the Ulyanovsk region. Thanks to the selected work system and priorities, we have been able to start implementation of 27 investment projects worth 21.2 billion rubles in 2020; they will create 3,316 new jobs. Projects are implemented in 15 out of 24 municipalities,” - said Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk Region – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development.

According to experts of the relevant agency, one of the promising spheres of aquaculture now is production of fish in recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The market is supplied with products all year round, which is particularly interesting for distribution networks and wholesalers. One such project is the fish farm of Anatoly Aleksandrovich Sankeev in Ulyanovsky District. The total investment volume makes 4 million rubles, including 1.5 million rubles received from the grant "Nachinayushchy fermer". The farm is planning to produce five tons of sharptooth catfish in 2020.

“Development of fish farming, both industrial and pond one, is one of the priority investment areas in our region. A fish farming project has been implemented in Sursky District by the peasant farm holding of Danila Melnikov since 2019. Now there are seven ponds with 600 thousand baby grass carps and 800 thousand baby silver carps. Trout eggs were incubated in February 2019. In 2020, the farm is going to install an incubation unit with pools, as well as to purchase stocking material of sturgeons, starlets and carps for breeding. The total investment volume makes seven million rubles,” - said Ramil Pokrov, Director of the Agency for Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region.