More Than 800 New Jobs to Be Created in Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk"

Job vacancies will become available on a step-by-step basis after the launch of the industrial park's second stage. Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov monitored construction of the facility on 2 June.



The head of the region recognized high readiness of the facility and praised the measures taken by the management of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" to maintain the rate of construction despite the unfavorable epidemiological situation.

Sergey Morozov said, “We have developed a strategy to return business back to normal, to restore employment rates and income of citizens, and to promote economic growth. Supporting labor and employment, as well as creating new jobs, is one of its most important spheres. The launch of the industrial park's second stage in the port economic zone will provide more than 800 residents of the region with work, which is very important now.”

Several investment projects are being implemented at the production sites of the park. A preliminary lease contract has already been signed with a major domestic manufacturer of modern composite materials for industrial and civil construction, as well as electric power and road sectors. The production facility is built according to the investor's needs. The company is planning to create more than 700 new jobs.

Seventy more people will be hired by International Aluminum Casting Sweden, a company manufacturing aluminum products. The investor has already received the status of SEZ resident and uses this opportunity to launch production in the industrial park quickly. At the next stage of the project, the company is going to build its own manufacturing unit in the economic zone "Ulyanovsk". The project will involve casting of aluminum components mainly for customers from the automotive industry; in particular, it is planned to make automotive components and then ship them to such companies as Volvo, Renault, Scania, MAN, Daimler, KAMAZ, DAAZ and GAZ. The end products will be sent to customers in Europe and Russia.

In addition, some facilities of the industrial park will produce stuffed toys and gift packaging of OOO "Elitim", a current resident of SEZ “Ulyanovsk”. This will also create additional jobs.

Oleg Barabanov, Director General of AO "PSEZ Ulyanovsk", presented the Governor with samples of products that would be manufactured in the new buildings of the industrial park. He reported that the recruitment of people for this facility is to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020.

Currently, 33 residents are registered in the territory of the special economic zone. Their main activities include production, logistics, wholesale trade, maintenance and repair of aircraft.

“Active enterprises of SEZ "Ulyanovsk" have already provided the region with more than 600 new jobs, and this number can exceed four thousand by 2023,” - said Oleg Barabanov.

According to Igor Ryabikov, Executive Director of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, construction of the industrial park's second stage began in August 2019. The management company of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" builds a new production facility on the area of ​15 thousand square meters and aims to do it within the shortest possible time. The company developed design specifications and estimates and underwent the State examination in four months. Completed production facilities will help to get started quickly, which, in turn, can save money on investment costs.


As a reference:

At the moment, SEZ "Ulyanovsk" is the only port special economic zone that shares borders with Ulyanovsk-Vostochny International Airport.

The special economic zone has all types of transport infrastructure and provides an opportunity to re-export goods: the territory adjoins the airport - it is connected to the flight line by a taxiway; there is also a railway line and a motorway nearby with the exit to the federal highway.

The companies that received the resident status of the port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk" are exempted from property tax for 15 years and from land and transport taxes for 10 years. Preferential income tax is valid during the whole period project implementation; it is only 2% in the first 10 years. The duty-free zone regime in SEZ "Ulyanovsk" allows importing foreign goods without customs duties, VAT and excise taxes (including materials, frames, equipment and machines to build facilities). Such goods stored in SEZ "Ulyanovsk" have unlimited shelf life.