New Fitness Centers Under Construction in Regional Center of Ulyanovsk Region

Governor Sergey Morozov examined construction projects for sports facilities in Leninsky District, Ulyanovsk.



As part of the public-private partnership, pre-construction activities for a sports center with a swimming pool are underway in the Repino-Iskra housing complex. According to experts of the regional Ministry of Fitness and Sports, the project receives financing from the investor's own funds. Successful completion of this construction will allow at least five thousand adults and two thousand children to do exercise on a regular basis. This will solve one of the main tasks set for the industry by President Vladimir Putin in the federal project "Sport is the Norm of Life" within the national project "Demography", which includes developing the sports infrastructure and making it more accessible to people.

A swimming pool will soon be built in the territory of the Ulyanovsk State Technical University (UlSTU). Construction of the facility is carried using funds of the federal budget. The pool is a new step in development of the university's infrastructure, creation of a sports zone and promotion of a healthy lifestyle in UlSTU Smart Campus. The new health and fitness complex will be available to all residents of the city. In addition, this year the university will finish improving bike lanes, as well as establish a modern ski track "Severnoe siyanie" (Northern Lights) for competitions of various kinds.

The Governor has also visited Ulyanovsk Construction College, which stadium will be improved in several stages starting next year. The sports ground is popular with residents from nearby houses, so reconstruction of the stadium will increase the number of people engaged in physical activities. In 2021, it is planned to install public lighting, fences and video surveillance, to replace grass on the football field, to update treadmills and to install sports equipment for basketball and volleyball courts.

“The phased plan for reconstruction of the college stadium will be completed until 2023. At the moment, the administration of this educational establishment has started developing a project and design specifications and estimates. It is planned that all sports facilities and simulators will be suitable for all age groups. Thanks to implementation of this project, it will be possible not only to upgrade the stadium, but also to get a modern multifunctional sport and cultural facility. It is worth noting that we also continue to repair gyms in schools located in rural areas as part of the national project "Education" within the project "Success of Each Child" approved by President Vladimir Putin,” - said Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Science of Ulyanovsk Region.