Russian Ministry of Agriculture Ranks Ulyanovsk Region Among Fastest in Delivering State Support to Recipients

During the meeting of the Governor's Council on 10 June, Sergey Morozov was presented a report on results of activities in the agro-industrial complex.



Sergey Morozov said, “Our farmers started planting crops much earlier than last year, so they have already finished doing it. Support in the field of crop farming in the form of a per-hectare subsidy paid, which was paid earlier compared to 2019, played a major role in the sowing campaign. We have kept all previously available support measures in 2020, did not remove even a single subsidy. These include more than 40 areas and number of new tools. In addition, support is provided to all categories of farmers in all spheres.”

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, increasing investment attractiveness of the agro-industrial complex is one of the effective tools to recover the economy after the pandemic. He also said, “Today we have set an ambitious task to attract external investors and to stimulate regional ones. We have all tools, as well as effective rules and regulations necessary to achieve our goal. Thanks to the competent work and right priorities, we have been able to implement or start implementing 27 investment projects worth 21.2 billion rubles, which will create 3,316 new jobs. These investment projects affect all key areas of agriculture such as livestock, poultry, crop and fish farming, food processing.”

Support for the agro-industrial sector is carried out within the state programme of the region called "Developing agriculture and rural territories and regulating the markets of agricultural produce, raw materials and food in the Ulyanovsk Region". The region is actively working to offset negative impacts of adverse weather conditions. In order to protect financial interests of agricultural producer, an agricultural insurance mechanism is being developed. A number of measures will be introduced to stimulate farmers to use this tool. For example, they will need to pay only half of the insurance premium, and the other half will be transferred by the regional Ministry of Agriculture directly to the insurance company. The subsidy increases by the ratio of 1.2 in case of crop loss. Hydro amelioration is another type of support; in particular, this refers to construction of irrigation systems.

OOO "Agro-Invest" is implementing a project in Novospassky District to build an irrigation site on the area of ​544 hectares. The plant will ensure irrigation of export-oriented cereals and oilseeds and their guaranteed production regardless of the weather conditions during the vegetation period. It is planned to cultivate malted barley, grain maize, rapeseed, soybeans and sunflowers.

According to experts of the relevant agency, recipients of received all subsidies in June from means of the federal and regional budgets to build hydromelioration facilities worth 25.4 million rubles. The Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation ranks the Ulyanovsk region among fastest in delivering state support.

In addition, the budget includes about 270 million rubles to supports small farms in the Ulyanovsk Region this year (as a comparison: 230 million rubles in 2019).