Ulyanovsk Region to Build Livestock Breeding Complex within Major Investment Project

A high-tech farm will be created in Novoselki, a village in Melekessky District. On 10 June, Governor Sergey Morozov visited the construction site and examined the status of preparations.



As the head of the region noted, considerable attention is paid to the comprehensive development of rural territories. Sergey Morozov stressed, “The village sees dynamic development. A major investment project will be implemented here to create a livestock breeding complex for 2500 heads of dairy cattle. By 2022, the facility is planning to increase its output to 20 thousand tons of milk per year. Thirty new highly-paid jobs will be created. We focused on development of the social infrastructure and improvement of Novoselki. I checked how my assignments are carried out to upgrade infrastructure of the kindergarten "Solnyshko". The windows have been replaced, the grounds have been rearranged and asphalt pavement has been laid. In addition, we discussed further improvement of Zernosovhozskaya school, as well as additional funding for the project in the village. In particular, this money will be used to replace general utilities in the kindergarten, to renovate the school and the community center, and to repair sidewalks and yards.”

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, dairy cattle husbandry is one of the priority areas for development of agriculture. He explained, “Investments into the project will total 500 million rubles. Four buildings will be constructed for livestock housing, as well as walkways and a modern milking room with 72 heads of dairy cattle. It is planned that the output will increase from 5,432 kg per 1 cow to 7,000 kg in 2022.”

Currently, the initiator of the project is preparing for the construction.

OOO "KFH Vozrozhdenie" is one of the largest agricultural enterprises in the Ulyanovsk region. It specializes in production of milk, grain goods and sunflower, as well as sale of breeding cattle. It is a pedigree breeding unit for the black-motley and Holstein cows. In April 2020, KFH Vozrozhdenie also started reconstruction of PTF "Ulyanovskaya" in Cherdaklinsky District. The company is planning to produce broiler meat.