Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant Expands Production Capacities

Governor Sergey Morozov examined the course of construction at the site for development of OOO "Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant".



Sergey Morozov said, “The machine tool industry is critical to the region's economy. We have a number of new plants, which include DMG MORI, Hermle and TRIMILL; we are working closely with foreign partners in this sphere and we are introducing the best international machine tool technologies at our facilities. But it is also extremely important for us to revive the domestic machine tool industry, to restore the expertise developed in the region over the decades and our human resources. It is encouraging that the investor decided to develop his project, and we are going to provide him with all necessary support to complete this difficult task.”

OOO "Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant" has started serial production of metal-working machines for railway undertakings and all-purpose milling machines.

 The investment agreement on implementation of the project was signed between the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region and the investor, Rostock Group, in May 2013. The new plant for production of machine tools is located in the territory of the former Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant. The plant kept its historical name and manufactures goods under its brand. Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation was the one to reach an agreement with this company.

In 2019, the company's management decided to provide additional investments for the project and to expand the production.

“The plant has been progressively developing since 2013; the investor acquire ownership of two production facilities, which confirms the seriousness of his intentions. The company will invest about 400 million rubles by the end of 2021 and will employ 50 more people,” - said Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

Development of production will be carried out in three steps. Repair and construction works were performed at one part of the production facility and equipment was transferred from leased premises to start assembling machines for the railway industry. In the meantime, another production area of ​1270 square meters was repaired and renovated to accommodate up to 25 different machines including heavy ones. The foundation was laid and the installation of heavy machines for processing of base components began in February-May. The production facility was also repaired inside. It is planned to complete the first stage of work and to launch the production before the end of 2020.

“Today, the plant's production site consists of two workshops. The assembly workshop is already fully equipped and has been operating for more than a year. We have developed our own machine tools, organized the assembly and worked with various domestic enterprises, including our partners from Ulyanovsk, to manufacture components. Now it is high time to transfer most of production processes to our own facilities so as to have complete control over them and to continue developing. To do this and to become independent, we will equip our second industrial site with heavy metal cutting machines. More than 100 million rubles have already been invested in the purchase of equipment, repair of the workshop and heat-power engineering. We are also going to create an engineering building at this site,” - said Sergey Kaluzhsky, Director General of OOO "Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant".

In addition, the company's management is currently in the process of negotiating with Ulyanovsk State University and Ulyanovsk State Technical University to train personnel for the enterprise, to provide dual training and industrial work placement and to open a machine tool department at the plant in the future, possibly in cooperation with other enterprises of the region.

Plans for development of OOO "Simaz" were discussed on the same day. The plant manufactures mid-range intercity, suburban and transit buses; the latter includes vehicles with a low-floor rear platform and a methane-fueled engine under the Russian state programme “Accessible Environment”. In 2020, it is planned start production of 30-seat intercity and suburban buses with a methane engine. Due to the minimal fuel costs, this model can be listed among the potential market leaders of the transport sector with the best cost of ownership.

By the end of 2020, the Ulyanovsk region's public transport fleet will receive additional 70 mid-range Simaz buses. It is planned to allocate 100 million rubles from the regional budget for this purpose.


As a reference:

ROSTOCK Group (Russia, Moscow) has been operating in the market of construction and development projects for more than 20 years and makes equipment for railway companies in Russia and the CIS countries. The company has many years of experience in design and production of metal-working machine, process sections and repair and production lines for components of the railway rolling stock. ROSTOCK Group works in cooperation with major public and private enterprises of railway and construction industries, as well as mineral processing and metallurgical plants of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

OOO "Ulyanovsk Heavy and Unique Machine Tools Plant" (UZTS) specializes in production of milling, mill drill and special machines. Since 1995, it has been producing equipment for track-repair, car-maintenance and car-building enterprises in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Bulgaria and Mongolia.