Implementation of New Investment Project to Create Additional Jobs in Ulyanovsk Region’s Agro-Industrial Sector

Governor Sergey Morozov examined progress in construction of a dockside and a grain elevator for barges in Staraya Mayna on 20 June.



According to the head of the region, grain export is the driver for modernization of the agricultural sector. He said, “It is difficult to reach the set target with the current production, logistics and sales structure. Much remains to be done to create a new mass of commodities, to build and renovate elevators, to develop a transport and logistics system, to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers at target markets and to promote our products abroad. Implementation of the investment project in Staraya Mayna is to be completed this year. In addition, we, investors and local authorities discussed development of infrastructure; in particular, repair of the road leading to the enterprise. We should also focus on advanced processing of grain in the Ulyanovsk region.”

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, the project will create 30 new jobs. He added, “We must increase grain exports abroad, which will positively affect implementation of the indicators within the national project "International Cooperation and Export". Grain will be shipped to the Republic of Turkey, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kazakhstan. Currently, we have developed a road map. In addition, the programme's initiator is preparing a set of documents to receive the status of a significant investment project.”

We would like to remind that the regional project “Export of Agricultural Products Made in Ulyanovsk Region” is part of the national project "International Cooperation and Export", which is implemented by order of President Vladimir Putin.

The Ulyanovsk region must increase grain production to one million eight hundred and eight thousand tons by 2024. At the same time, the region saw a record yield of oil crops over the last two years - 304 and 360 thousand tons respectively.

According to the investor, the project includes commissioning of granaries, installation of chain pump machines and elevators for the grain terminal in Staraya Mayna, construction of granaries and installation of a grain dryer with the capacity of 30 tons per hour in Surskoye village, as well as purchase of all necessary equipment. This will improve and expand production capacities, introduce new technologies, expand the target market and allow to cultivate more than 5 thousand hectares of fields in Sursky District.