Ulyanovsk Region Continues Implementation of Projects to Promote Digital Transformation

On 25 June, Governor Sergey Morozov held a meeting regarding digitalization of the region, which was attended by representatives of executive authorities and development institutions.



Governor Sergey Morozov mentioned that Ulyanovsk region must create conditions to be in line with all the latest technology and social trends by 2030.

Sergey Morozov said, “We were one of the first in Russia to approve the Smart Region concept; and back in 2017, we were assessed by the World Bank to determine how ready the region was for digitalization. Together with Ulyanovsk experts, it prepared recommendations for our digital transformation strategy. Last year, we launched five regional projects within the national programme "Digital Economy". And these include infrastructure, personnel, security and technologies necessary for the digital economy. They created the Information Technology Development Fund, which provides money for training of schoolchildren, as well as contributes to development of the professional digital community. We are implementing specialized digitalization projects in the spheres of health care, education and culture. We are actively developing digital cooperation and trade for agriculture and small businesses. Today, such a large-scale project as Smart City covers a large number of industries (housing and public utilities, transport, road facilities, municipal solid waste treatment and others). Ulyanovsk is one of the pilot cities for this project, and now we have the task to provide all municipalities with smart technologies.”

To meet this objective, a system for management of digital transformation will be created. Digital captains will become its main link. They will aim to introduce changes to the workflow within ministries and departments, which will include online services and transition to big data management.

According to Anna Nikitchenko, Vice President of National Institute of System Research on Entrepreneurship Problems, to determine target models for introduction of digital technologies and platform solutions in the social sphere, as well as the public administration of the Ulyanovsk region, it is necessary to develop target models for the following five sectors: transport, education, social security, sports and housing and public utilities.

Anna Nikitchenko said, “Specialists of the Ulyanovsk Region Agency for Technological Development continue studying world experience in digitalization of these industries. During the next stage of digital transformation, they will search for the best practices of other regions in terms of statutory regulation and then analyze their applicability for the Ulyanovsk region. The Agency will also organize work for development of specialized regional information systems, data, services and models for management of these processes.”

The Digital Transformation Center was created as part of the Agency for Technological Development. “It aims to introduce new technologies, develop unique measures to support IT companies, as well as specialized programmes and initiatives, and to analyze changes in digital economy of the Ulyanovsk region. Currently, necessary measures are being taken to train competent personnel for the Center in accordance with the guidelines of RANEPA and the Ministry of Digital Economy of the Russian Federation. Data managers, chief solution architects, digital design and process managers and others will be recruited within competitive selection,” - said Vadim Pavlov, Adviser to the Governor on Digital and Technology Development of Ulyanovsk Region, Director General of Agency for Technological Development.