More Than Five Billion Rubles Invested in Reconstruction and Technological Upgrade of Aviastar-SP

On 30 June, Governor Sergey Morozov met with Sergey Yarkovoy, First Deputy Director General of PAO "UAC" and Director General of PAO "IL", who took office on 20 June.



“Despite the current situation affected by coronavirus, the enterprise continues to work and provides a large number of our fellow countrymen with jobs. The aircraft factory gave about 250 million rubles of taxes to the regional budget in the first half of 2020 alone. We are doing our best to ensure that regional industry is developing for the benefit of our country. We have focused our efforts to successfully implement a large programme connected with development of social and infrastructure spheres so as to make factory workers who live and work in the Ulyanovsk region feel as comfortable as possible,” - said the head of the region.

Over the recent years, Aviastar-SP has carried out a programme to upgrade its production and launched a new domestic automated assembly line for Il-76 large transport aircraft. A specialization center has been created at the Ulyanovsk enterprise, which brings together resources necessary to manufacture fuselage panels for transport and civil programmes of the United Aircraft Corporation.

Sergey Yarkovoy noted that Aviastar-SP has ongoing purchase orders, and UAC will continue working with this aircraft factory for the next five- seven years. In addition, he pointed out the significance of support provided by the Governor and the Government of the Ulyanovsk region, which includes training of personnel and implementation of social programmes.

Sergey Yarkovoy commented, “Aviastar-SP has a great potential to increase mass production. There is a strong demand for IL-76 and IL-78 aircraft from both Russian establishment and foreign customers. We have operating contracts. In May, President of the Russian Federation and the Government Commission decided to provide UAC with unprecedented support in debt restructuring and old debt repayment. This also applies to the transport aircraft division. Almost all problems, which we have identified, will be resolved in the near future. The prospects for the plant are very good. More than 5 billion rubles have already been invested in reconstruction and technological upgrade. We must reach the stated capacity of up to 12 aircraft a year.”

Currently, Aviastar-SP participates in transport and civil programmes of UAC. Inter-plant cooperation provides more than 40% of the output.