Ulyanovsk Schoolchildren Can Take Part in Federal Project for Early Career Guidance "Ticket to the Future 2020"

Registration and testing will take place in July. The project is implemented as part of an agreement signed by the region and the Union "Agency of Development of Professional Communities and Skilled Workers" (Worldskills Russia).



Within the project's launch, schoolchildren will be able to undergo online diagnostics for career guidance on a digital platform. It includes several tests that help the participant determine their professional interests and preferences, as well as identify their strong suits and skills for future development. In total, there are more than 60 tests in one's account.

In addition, Ulyanovsk schoolchildren from the sixth to the eleventh grade will be taught 50 relevant skill sets within the early career guidance. These include web design, internet marketing, confectionery, medical and social care, aircraft maintenance, hairdressing, entrepreneurship, development of computer games, multimedia and mobile applications, photography, agricultural machinery, etc. Live hands-on training under the guidance of a mentor will be organized at educational organizations, adult education centers and schools when COVID-19 restrictive measures will be cancelled.

According to Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Science of Ulyanovsk Region, Ticket to the Future helps to complete tasks set by the project "Success of Each Child" within the national project "Education", which was approved by President Vladimir Putin.

Natalya Semenova said, “Last year, the Ulyanovsk region already participated in this project non-competitively, and our students were able to undergo a vocational test. In addition, thanks to support of Governor Sergey Morozov, the region took part in the National Competition "Young Professionals" (WorldSkills Russia). Its venues were visited by about 8,000 schoolchildren, including 800 people who participated in the Ticket to the Future project.”

You can complete registration and receive additional information at the federal website - http://bilet-help.worldskills.ru/.