President Vladimir Putin Supports Assignment of City of Labour Valour Honorary Title to Ulyanovsk

At the meeting of the Russian Pobeda (Victory) Organizing Committee, the head of state supported the proposal to award this honorary title to the regional center and nineteen other cities.



“Enterprises of these cities were repeatedly awarded orders and red banners from the State Defence Committee for the uninterrupted manufacturing of military and civilian goods, and there are enough documents that prove personal courage and labour heroism of their residents,” - the President emphasized.

The city awarded with the City of Labour Valour honorary title will be able to install a stele depicting this city’s coat of arms and the title decree.

The proposal to award Ulyanovsk the City of Labour Valour title was made by the city's public organization for protection of the rights of pensioners, veterans of war and labor and law enforcement agencies. The initiative was supported by Governor Sergey Morozov. Members of the United Russia political party and the regional office of the Victory Volunteers movement collected residents' signatures.

According to Lyudmila Knyazkova, Head of the regional Year of Memory and Glory office and Chairman of the regional branch of the All-Russian public movement "Victory Volunteers", more than 200 thousand citizens supported the initiative.

Lyudmila Knyazkova said, “We believed and hoped that the contribution of Ulyanovsk to the Great Victory would be recognized and we would receive the City of Labour Valour title. Before the pandemic, we actively collected signatures during mass events. We were heeded by our fellow countrymen. This did not come as a surprise because each Ulyanovsk family has its own heroes who ensured Victory both on the battlefield and behind the lines. We gathered so many documents and materials that prove Ulyanovsk's role in Victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War. Today, our emotions are overwhelming. We are grateful and proud of the President's decision.”

“Back in December, our public organization addressed the city administration and suggested that Ulyanovsk should apply for the City of Labour Valour title. Then a special commission was created. We looked through a lot of archives and analyzed historical documents. The Ulyanovsk Region and Ulyanovsk received the Order of Lenin, and our Automobile Plant also has this award. Many of our fellow countrymen got the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. There is no doubt that Ulyanovsk is worthy of the City of Labour Valour title,” - said Gennady Slyusarenko, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk City Council of Veterans.

According to Vasily Gvozdev, Secretary of the regional office of United Russia, Ulyanovsk will rightfully receive this honorary title.

He commented, “This is a well-deserved award and a gift to our veterans, homefront workers, war children, all those who fought and made the Great Victory possible. It is also a great responsibility for us and future generations. Our sacred duty is to preserve historical memory in the young hearts of children. Since February, residents from all corners of the Ulyanovsk region had been voting to immortalize the memory of our countrymen's labor feat during World War II. In this regard, I want to express my sincere gratitude to all volunteers, members of the United Russia party and passionate residents who turned this idea into reality.”