Federal Authorities Recognize High Performance of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk"

According to the report of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the port special economic zone scored 97% in terms of effective performance.



The federal agency evaluated 26 special economic zones of four types. SEZs are recognized as effective if the consolidated indicator is more than 80%; they are considered to be sufficiently effective with the indicator from 40% to 80% and ineffective if it is less than 40%. Twenty-five absolute and relative       quantitative indexes were taken into account. These included work of residents, efficiency of federal and regional investments in development of infrastructure and others.

PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" was created at the territory adjacent to the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airport. It is the only port-type zone operating in Russia that focuses on implementation of projects in the field of production operations, freight logistics and aircraft maintenance and repair.

“Currently, 32 residents are registered at the PSEZ; 682 new jobs have been created. Investments, which include capital ones provided by residents in the Ulyanovsk region in 2019, amounted to almost 515 million rubles. In total, the zone received 2.6 billion rubles since its establishment,” - said Oleg Barabanov, Director General of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk".

All residents of this production site have access to all types of transport infrastructure. The territory is adjacent to the airport, which has a taxiway, as well as a railway and a highway with the exit to the federal highway. In addition, PSEZ "Ulyanovsk" has a duty-free zone regime, which increases export of products made in the Ulyanovsk region.

Accofding to Nikolay Zontov, Acting Minister of Digital Economy and Competition of Ulyanovsk Region, the region's total export was US$ 1 billion 97 million in 2019. Compared to 2018, this indicator increased by more than 300 million rubles. He commented, “Development of SEZ in the region allows us to achieve the goals set by the national project "International Cooperation and Export", which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin.”

The report is available on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

“Companies working in SEZ "Ulyanovsk" are planning to have a cargo turnover of up to 3,000 tons per year for products made of wood-polymer composites. To organize their production, the investor will build a workshop, as well as 3,000 square meters of warehouses for raw materials and finished products,” - said Oleg Barabanov, Director General of PSEZ "Ulyanovsk".