Cherdaklinsky District: First Water Well of Arkhangelsk Water-Intake Facility Completed

Ulyanovsk region is working to complete the federal project "Clean Water" within the national project "Ecology" initiated by President Vladimir Putin.



Governor Sergey Morozov inspected the site on 17 July. The head of the region emphasized, “This year, the Ulyanovsk region is working hard to reconstruct its water supply and wastewater disposal facilities. Thanks to the national project "Ecology" developed at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, we have started large-scale activities to upgrade treatment facilities in Ulyanovsk and Novoulyanovsk; Dimitrovgrad, Barysh and Inza will be next. New wells of the Arkhangelsk water-intake facility are being drilled under the federal programme "Clean Water". Construction of a new water pipeline will begin next week. This will provide quality drinking water to almost 20 thousand residents of Cherdakly, Mirny and Oktyabrsky workers' settlements. Today we visited a construction site of the Arkhangelsk water-intake facility and ensured that work was carried out according to the schedule. All measures planned within the regional programme "Clean Water" are also underway. But at the same time, we can see that as it is becoming hotter, many settlements experience issues with water supplies. That is why we need to adjust and complete the regional water supply development programme while addressing them.”

Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of Ulyanovsk Region, said that three artesian wells will be built at the Arkhangelsk water-intake facility in 2020 within the national project "Ecology". Their aim is to provide high-quality drinking water to settlements of Cherdaklinsky District. In 2020, 19.4 million rubles were used for reconstruction of the Arkhangelsk water-intake facility as part of the agreement with the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation. In total, 33 million rubles will be allocated for implementation of the federal project "Clean Water" in the Ulyanovsk region this year. The second phase involves construction of a new water main from the Arkhangelsk ground water-intake facility to the village of Oktyabrsky, Cherdaklinsky District. This work will also start in 2020 and will take three years. A new complex water supply facility will be built in Cherdaklinsky District by 2022 under the national project "Ecology". It will consist of three new artesian wells and a water main.

“At the moment, the well pumping is underway as required by the standard operating procedure. After that, pumps will be installed and water will be supplied to the public network. The well's output is 190 cubic meters of water per hour, which is a very good indicator,” - explained Sergey Savelyev, Director of UMUP "Ulyanovskvodokanal".

“Indeed, residents of Cherdaklinsky District, especially the ones from such large settlements as Oktyabrsky, Mirny and Cherdakly, have been dissatisfied with the quality of water for a long time. Water collected from wells in these settlements is rich with iron and manganese. That is why residents have repeatedly asked us to improve its quality. We have considered various options and decided to build a water pipeline from the Arkhangelsk water-intake facility to these settlements,” - said Mariya Shpak, Head of Cherdaklinsky District Administration.

Within the federal project "Clean Water" of the national project "Ecology", reconstruction of the water supply system will be carried out in Novaya Mayna, Melekessky District, where a water treatment plant will be installed. Project documentation for this facility is almost completed. Construction and installation activities in Novaya Mayna will begin in 2021. The region is currently preparing an application to apply for funding of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.


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The federal project "Clean Water" aims to provide 97.6% of the population in the Ulyanovsk region with high-quality drinking water from centralized sources by the end of 2024. The initial funding will amount to 410.49 million rubles until 2024, which includes 398.17 million rubles provided from the federal budget. A grant agreement was signed between the Government of the Ulyanovsk Region and the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation in December 2019.