Ulyanovsk Region Starts Week of Digital Economy National Programme

From 20 to 26 July, the region will host more than 200 events dedicated to modern electronic services, which include state and municipal ones.



Each municipality will organize open house day, seminars, hotlines and other events under the common slogan "Digital technologies for people".

Governor Sergey Morozov is planning to hold a meeting with the management of relevant agencies regarding further introduction of modern information technologies into the social protection sphere, which should significantly improve accessibility and quality of state and municipal services for the population. The Ulyanovsk region is the leader in this sphere; according to federal experts, it takes the 12th place among all federal subjects of the Russian Federation. Residents receive all priority public services online (information about them is almost 90% complete).

During the thematic week, it is also planned to discuss the digital transformation of state and municipal authorities, establishment of the Governor's situation center and the Regional Management Center, development of the IT Ambassador Institute and accessibility of Internet communications for residents of the Ulyanovsk region.

“Any region of our country is a large and complex system and in order to manage it effectively, we need to rely on modern technologies and trends focused on digitalization. At the same time, we must always remember that it is impossible to develop services for the sake of services; introduction of modern technologies should not be a goal in itself. All digitalization processes should improve the living standards, as well as increase openness and effectiveness of public agencies. Currently, we already have a sufficient number of positive practices, especially the ones related to public services provided online. That is why we find it very important to inform Ulyanovsk residents about online services that they can benefit from now and the ones that will be available in the future, as well as how such services can be useful for every resident of the region,” - said Svetlana Kolesova, Deputy Chairman of Ulyanovsk Region Government.

According to Vadim Pavlov, Adviser to the Governor on Digital and Technology Development and Director General of the Agency for Technological Development, the region continues working with relevant agencies responsible for implementation of digital transformation in the Ulyanovsk region. They have designed Target Models for transformation of important sectors of the economy and the social sphere. The purpose of this project is to develop and implement a set of measures for step-by-step implementation of the digital transformation in the region.

Vadim Pavlov said, “The final online session will take place on 22 July. Sixteen projects, which are currently under development, will be defended in front of federal and regional experts. As a result, five best (pilot) projects of the Target Models for transformation of sectors of the economy and the social sphere will be selected for implementation in 2020.”

The federal program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation" sets five main spheres for development of the digital economy in the region. These include statutory regulation, human resources and education, research skill sets and technical groundwork, information infrastructure and security. President Vladimir Putin instructed the Government and the State Council to adjust the project in keeping with the new national goals. At the same time, the deadline for its implementation will be rescheduled from 2024 to 2030, and activities within the national economy recovery plan (after the pandemic) will be added to the list.