19.6 MW Solar Power Stations to Be Installed in Ulyanovsk Region by 2022

The investment agreement was signed on 22 July between the Government, the Ministry of Energy, Public Utilities Services and Urban Environment, Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation and OOO "Solar Systems".



Governor Sergey Morozov said, “The Ulyanovsk region has been creating conditions for the full-scale development of renewable energy sector in the region since 2016. We see such energy sources as strategically important for advanced economic development achieved both through foreign investments and our own industrial and scientific potential. May Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation identify development of the renewable energy sector as one of the key tasks to improve the fuel and energy complex of Russia. Having worked in this area for four years, the region was able to attract enough investments to open the country's first wind park in Ulyanovsk in 2018. In addition, an industrial cluster for production of RES components was also created in the region. Vestas plant for production of composite turbine blades with the design capacity of 330 items per year is a vivid example. There are specialized wind-power engineering departments at UlSTU that carry out training of specialists. Currently, we have started working in other areas of the renewable energy sector; in particular, solar power and microgeneration.”

The solar power stations will be built according to the investment incentive mechanisms for renewable energy generation at retail markets. Necessary competitive admissions for investment projects were organized in the Ulyanovsk region in March 2020. It is planned that the station's total capacity will reach 19.6 MW. Investments total 1.94 billion rubles. The project will be implemented in two stages: the first part of 9.8 MW solar power station will be commissioned in 2021, while the second one is to be opened in 2022. This year, the investor is going to start design and survey work.

“The Ulyanovsk region is among the leaders in implementation of renewable energy projects thanks to initiatives of Governor Sergey Morozov, who is a very open-minded person. We have been working with the region for a long time and are pleased to see that it is developing steadily. We are glad that it works on both wind and solar power engineering. The advantages of such spheres are obvious. The Ulyanovsk region is developing high-tech skill sets in the field of construction and service of solar power stations and creates necessary jobs. There is a long-term positive effect on the economy in the form of additional tax revenues; in general, these projects are a great contribution to the sustainable development of the region,” - said Vladimir Dikop, First Deputy Director General at OOO "Solar Systems".

Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of Ulyanovsk Region, talked about development of the regional project called "Development of the electric power industry through the renewable energy sector" until 2024.

He commented, “We are currently developing a pilot project to ensure that the share of facilities using renewable energy sources remains at 30% of the region's total power capacity by 2024. As part of the regional project implementation, we are planning to commission a number of RES facilities with the total capacity of 214 MW and to complete construction of biogas plants. We also want to implement programmes together with the regional Ministry of Agriculture so as to reimburse purchase costs for agricultural producers who buy independent power, gas and water supply sources.”

Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation, emphasized that the region has prioritized alternative energy sources for five years.

Sergey Vasin said, “In 2015, we reached an agreement with Fortum (Finland) and Rusnano to build the first wind-driven electric power station in the Ulyanovsk region. Today, the region has two wholesale wind farms with the total capacity of 85 MW and a Vestas plant for production of composite turbine blades. We are not going to stop here and are looking for new partners in the field of solar power generation. OOO "Solar Systems", one of the Russian leaders in this field, is implementing a solar power station project in the region. Currently, we are also negotiating with the company's management on participation in projects to localize a facility for production of solar station components.”