Two New Industrial Facilities to Open in TOSED "Dimitrovgrad"

The agreement on implementation of investment projects was signed on 23 July by Governor Sergey Morozov, Sergey Vasin (Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation) and heads of investor companies.



Sergey Morozov said, “At the regional level, we continue paying great attention to Dimitrovgrad as one of the priority municipalities of the Ulyanovsk region. The city's status of a territory of advanced socio-economic development (TOSED) made it attractive for investors, which is the reason why two new companies brought their production facilities there. These companies actively introduce new technologies and create high-tech jobs with good salaries for residents of the municipality.”

The facilities will be located in Dimitrovgrad. One of them will manufacture industrial cable, which is purchased by companies of the military-industrial complex and the nuclear industry. The second facility will make metal items used for construction, metal frameworks and industrial production.

The planned investment volume for the first stage of the project will total 600 million rubles; about 100 new jobs for will be created for residents of the Ulyanovsk region. The launch of the first stage is scheduled for 2022.

“Both companies have plans to develop and expand their production in the future. By placing their facilities at TOSED, they get the opportunity to submit an application to the Monotown Development Fund for co-financing of the project in addition to preferential tax treatment,” - said Sergey Vasin, Director General of Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.