More Than 200 New Jobs to Be Created at Enterprise in Dimitrovgrad

On 23 July, Governor of the Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov examined development plans for the furniture manufacturer "Aurora", which is among the residents of TOSED (a territory of advanced socio-economic development).



The head of the region said, “In the present circumstances, it is particularly important for the economy as a whole and for residents to develop facilities that increase their output despite the crisis, expand production and implement projects that benefit everyone. Business development always entails new jobs, economic growth and extra income for the regional budget. It is really important to support our manufacturers here, and this is why we have created anti-crisis funds.”

Aurora received a preferential loan from the regional industrial development fund to upgrade its production facilities. Using this money, the factory purchased new equipment that improved the quality of products and reduced the risk of defects.

Currently, Aurora is a manufacturer with the complete production cycle. The furniture it makes is shipped to 73 Russian regions and neighboring countries. The company has its own boiler station, which has recently been upgraded with two modern automated boilers. This increased the equipment power capacity. Today, the factory also provides heat to the neighboring microdistrict of the city.

According to Alexey Shulga, Commercial Director of Aurora, the factory is planning to implement several large-scale projects: to expand production facilities, to construct its own logistics center and office building, as well as to improve the street and the embankment in the vicinity of the enterprise.

Alexey Shulga said, "We received the status of a TOSED resident on 4 July. We have purchased and installed new robot welders for production of furniture frames. Soon we will start manufacturing foam rubber, polyester batting and glass. The company is ready to build a plant for production of fine fraction. Projects for development of the existing production facilities will increase our turnout and market share by five times. Thanks to this, we are going to create more than 230 new jobs. Overall investment in projects this year alone will total about 200 million rubles."

In addition, it is planned to introduce a healthy production regime at the factory: free three meals daily for employees, a doctor's office with a therapist and a nurse, a physical therapy unit, a laundry room and a break area.

“We see that the enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region continue developing, as well as implementing major investment projects after the pandemic, which are quite successful. Important international markets are opening. The support measures, which were specifically developed for the current situation, will help companies in this development; one of such measures is a special preferential loan at half of the usual rate. Our task today is to eliminate cash shortages and illiquidity of entrepreneurs to help them go through this difficult period. In particular, the new set of measures provides for the possibility to receive compensation for up to 50% of the rental costs. Currently, the Legislative Assembly of the region has a draft according to which a patent will cost just one ruble for particularly affected industries,” - said Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region.

The Regional Entrepreneurship Development Corporation was created at the initiative of Governor Sergey Morozov. It has been working since February 2016. Twenty-nine investment projects have received financing since the organization's establishment. The concessional loans provided totaled 444.7 million rubles. These funds attracted additional investments worth more than 700 million rubles for development of the Ulyanovsk region's industry.