Ulyanovsk Region to Update Trolleybus Fleet in 2021

On 8 September, Governor Sergey Morozov took part in an event dedicated to new trams and the start of their operations and discussed with relevant agencies further upgrades of passenger transport in the regional center.


The head of the region said, “Lvyonok trams have come to the route number 22 today. In the morning, I was able to appreciate comfortability of the tramcar personally and talked with its passengers. I hope that as of today, Ulyanovsk will start actively using the new trams. These street cars are shipped to the region from St. Petersburg on a step-by-step basis; ten have already been delivered. In total, 29 new trams will come to routes No. 22 and No. 4 this year. But we have no plans to stop there. Today I held a briefing on the future upgrades of passenger transport. According to our plans, we will purchase new trolleybuses for the left-bank part of Ulyanovsk in 2021. We need the latest model of electric transport, which will be on a par with Lvyonok trams in terms of comfort. In addition, this year we going to buy 70 new buses; last year we were able to update 100 vehicles.”

Ten new tramcars will be gradually brought to the route No. 22 "UKSM - Park Yunost", which goes along the following streets: Ryabikova, Zapadny Bulvar, Moskovskoe Shosse, Minaeva, Zheleznoy Divizii, Lenina, Spasskaya, Radishcheva, Timiryazeva and Rozy Lyuksemburg. The remaining 19 vehicles will be brought to Ulyanovsk in batches by the end of the year; they will be used on routes No. 22 and No. 4.

According to Felix Vinokur, President of PC Transport Systems, Lvyonok tram is a unique product, and the company used its experience and the best developments when creating it. He also said, “Its futuristic bright design, ergonomic spacious interior, modern multimedia complexes, advanced technologies for climate control systems, comfortable seats and wide storage areas - all of these will make the trip a truly comfortable experience. At the same time, we pay particular attention to safety - each tramcar has a pre-crash system, which significantly enhances their strength capacity; and we used aluminum-alloy castings for the interior design, which makes it not only durable and aesthetically pleasing, but also fireproof.”

According to Dmitry Vavilin, Acting First Deputy Head of Ulyanovsk, it is planned to purchase low-floor trolleybuses with improved automated features as part of the programme for public transport upgrade in 2021. Purchase of Admiral 6281 trolleybuses, which are manufactured by PC Transport Systems, is being considered. This model provides climate control, equipment for passenger with reduced mobility, three wide doorways, spacious boarding platforms, a modern design and an ergonomic bright cabin. The trolleybus also has emergency automated features.

Within the programme for public transport upgrade, it is planned to purchase new trams and gas-burning medium-sized buses that will be used in Ulyanovsk next year.