New Modular Boiler is Being Installed in Terenga for Local Lyceum under Construction

The work is carried out by Utilities Development Corporation of Ulyanovsk Region. Governor Sergey Morozov personally controls preparation activities for the new heating season.


According to Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment, the output of the new modular gas-fired heating unit is expected to be 1.4 MW. It will provide heat and hot water to the new and old school buildings. It will take several days to install the boiler; after it, it is planned to start construction and connection of utility lines - heating, electric-, water- and gas-supply networks. All activities are to be completed this year. Before the new heating unit is put into operation, the school will receive necessary resources from the old boiler station, which is ready for the autumn-winter season.

Within the national project "Education", in Terenga, a new 300-space building is under construction for the elementary school of Terengulsky Lyceum at UlSTU (Ulyanovsk State Technical University). This project, which received 300 million rubles of investments, began in September 2019. Installation of electric wiring and electrical equipment, plumbing, mounting of slabs, facade heat insulation and interior finishing is also currently underway in addition to construction of the new boiler.

According to Sergey Noskov, Director of Ulyanovsk Region Utilities Development Corporation, two of the largest modular gas-fired heating units in Novoulyanovsk, which will provide heat to residential areas and social facilities, are also to be commissioned by the new heating season. The heat source was fully upgraded with installation of a new gas boiler in the village of Tsemzavod, Sengileevsky District. The new equipment will serve as an uninterrupted and reliable heat supply for twenty-one apartment buildings, a kindergarten and a secondary school located in the village.


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Currently, OGKP "Utilities Development Corporation" maintains 214 heat sources and 300 km of heating networks in 20 municipalities of the Ulyanovsk region. They supply heat to 74 schools and kindergartens, 21 hospitals and 1221 apartment buildings.