Baryshsky District to Expand Woodworking Industry and Build a Poultry Farm

Implementation of investment projects in the municipality was discussed at the meeting on September 15, which was chaired by Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov.



The head of the region said, “Our municipalities should be the most attractive and comfortable places for both living and doing business. Polivanovsky Woodworking Plant is constantly improving its equipment. We must support such enterprises. In addition, we continue attracting investors to municipalities. Currently, we are considering the possibility of placing a large poultry farm in Baryshsky District to produce eggs and to hatch meat-type broiler chickens and turkey. This will create at least 150 new jobs.”

Before that, Sergey Morozov examined the woodworking production of an individual entrepreneur Andrey Bazuev in Polivanovo, a village in Baryshsky District. The enterprise converts and processes wood, as well as manufactures planed timber and trim moldings. There are a sawmill and necessary drying equipment; the plant is implementing an investment project to upgrade its production facilities by creating a modern deep wood processing line.

“We are planning to expand the range of products, to open a new workshop for production of upholstery, to purchase briquetting machinery, kilns and a John Deere E260Lc excavator, to upgrade pellet manufacturing equipment and to expand the target market. This has become possible partly owing to the concessional loan that we received from the Ulyanovsk Region Industrial Development Fund,” - commented Gulnara Rakhmatulina, Acting Minister of Nature and Circular Economy of Ulyanovsk Region.

During the meeting, they discussed the approach to implementation of priority regional projects in the forest industry of the Ulyanovsk region until 2025. The head of the region supported the proposal to provide regional funds for development of deep wood processing.

“Together with the administration of Baryshsky District, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the relevant agency, we are working to implement an investment project that involves construction of a poultry farm to produce eggs and to hatch meat-type broiler chickens and turkey in Baryshsky District. Investments will total 1.5 billion rubles, and more than 150 new jobs will be created. So far, several negotiations have already taken place; the investor is selecting the place for implementation of the project; and a business plan under development,” - said Mikhail Semyonkin, Deputy Prime Minister of Ulyanovsk Region – Minister of the Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development.