Ulyanovsk Region: Six New Active Ageing Centers to Open for Day of the Elderly

Supporting the senior generation is one of the priority tasks set by President Vladimir Putin in the national project "Demography".



Such clubs will open in Ulyanovsk and Pavlovsky District on 1 October.

“This year has turned out to be difficult, especially for the elderly. Today, there are about 330 thousand senior residents in the Ulyanovsk region; more than 136 thousand of them are 70 and older. Thanks to the support of volunteers and philanthropists, they are not neglected. Almost 35 thousand grandparents in need received food baskets. The monthly campaign "Sentyabriada" takes place every year, and thanks to it elderly people get help if they need to have some medicine delivered or their house cleaned, as well as any other social services. We also continue developing a network of active ageing centers. Six more of them are ready to open. They will work in a new format. Grandparents will be able to come with their grandchildren as children's areas will be available for this purpose in the newly opened facilities,” - commented Natalya Isaeva, Acting Minister of Family, Demography and Social Policy of Ulyanovsk Region.

According to experts of relevant agencies, such institutions will offer My Social Center services; for this purpose, the working hours will be extended and family recreation groups will be created. In addition, the territories near these centers will be re-equipped for implementation of the project "Active ageing outdoors".

Starting next year, each municipal district will be provided with computers for the active ageing centers. Elderly residents of Ulyanovsk will be able to use them as sports simulators, as well as to improve their digital literacy.

Currently, the region continues working with the senior generation in the open air. Every Tuesday and Thursday, one can find social events, which involve performance groups, in the square of the 100th Anniversary of Ulyanovsk Cartridge Works, on such streets as 32, Vracha Mikhaylova, Kamyshinskaya and Promyshlennaya, as well as on Festivalny Boulevard and Sviyaga River Embankment. On Wednesdays and Fridays, sports and wellness classes are held at open venues: in Stroiteley Square and Sredny Venets, as well as on the Veterans Alley in Novy Gorod.