New Water Treatment Facilities in Novoulyanovsk Start Pre-Commissioning Activities

Reconstruction of the facility is carried out according to the federal project "Improvement of the Volga River" within the national project "Ecology", which was developed at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin.



According to Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of Ulyanovsk Region, the contractor is ahead of the schedule, and building and installation work has been already completed at the new treatment facilities in Novoulyanovsk. Currently, pre-commissioning activities are underway, which will bring these treatment facilities to the design parameters and will identify any possible shortcomings. The building is to be fully commissioned in 2020.

“Under the contract, we have dismantled decommissioned treatment facilities, which could no longer handle their tasks, and have built new ones with a greater capacity. The facility uses a three-stage treatment system that includes mechanical, bio- and ultraviolet-decontamination of waste water. The ultraviolet station is a unique device for the Ulyanovsk region since it is the first one that treats waste water without the use of chlorine,” - explained Anton Abakumov, Project Manager of the contracting organization.

New sewage treatment plants in Novoulyanovsk are the first facilities to be commissioned under the federal project "Improvement of the Volga River" within the national project "Ecology". The total cost of this work is 291.129 million rubles. These plants were built using modern wastewater treatment technologies, which will reduce the volume of contaminated runoffs discharged into the Volga. They will also increase the facility’s output from 630 cubic meters per day to 2000.

The new complex is designed to treat wastewater of the industrial zone in Novoulyanovsk. “Upon completion of this project, our city will get the opportunity to connect new consumers, which means that it will become more attractive for investors. This will also contribute to the development of the industrial zone. In addition, the treatment plants require to create new jobs. But the main goal of the Ecology national project is to improve the Volga and its ecological condition,” - said Sergey Ilyushkin, First Deputy Head of Novoulyanovsk Administration.


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Total funding of the federal project "Improvement of the Volga River" within the national project "Ecology" in the Ulyanovsk region until 2024 will make more than 5 billion rubles. By 2024, the project will decrease the volume of polluted sewage water put into the Volga River by three times: from 94522.8 thousand m³ to 31507.6 thousand m³. After the inspection, the Ulyanovsk region developed a list of water treatment facilities in need of reconstruction, which will be performed within the federal project "Improvement of the Volga River". It includes six plants located in Ulyanovsk, Novoulyanovsk, Dimitrovgrad, Barysh and Insa.