Week of Science National Project Starts in Ulyanovsk Region

It includes more than 50 events designed by organizations of the academic, technological and innovative consortium of universities and design bureaus of industrial enterprises. Round table discussions, lectures, tutorial workshops, conferences and more will be held in the region from 28 September to 4 October.



Sergey Morozov emphasized, “The thematic week of the national project "Science" has started. The region pays a lot of attention to support of young scientists. For example, there is a decree "On some measures to support young scientists and other individuals engaged in scientific and technological activities in Ulyanovsk Region". We have also signed an agreement with the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) which ensures grant support. Future scientists receive training since their school days thanks to the Basic Schools of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) project. The list of supported schools includes Linguistic Gymnasium, Multidisciplinary Lyceum No. 20 and Gymnasium No. 1. The leading Ulyanovsk educational institutions have large research and technology centers. Our main goal now is to create all necessary conditions for the rapid development of science.”

Implementation of the Science national project aims to address three main problems: development of research, development and production cooperation, advanced infrastructure and human resources. Russia must be among the top five countries on the number of academic papers about priority areas; it should also become attractive for the best Russian and foreign scientists and young promising researchers.

“We continue our collaboration with the Russian Academy of Sciences as part of its representative office's work in the region. Vladimir Dushik, Head of the laboratory for heterogeneous synthesis of high-melting compound of A.N. Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, will come to the region with a two-day visit during the thematic week of the national project "Science". On 29 September, the scientist will visit Staromainsky Secondary School No. 2, where the opening ceremony of the Ulyanovsk region's corrosion testing station will take place. A lecture will be held for students of this establishment and Gymnasium No. 1. Due to the current epidemiological situation connected with the coronavirus infection, an online broadcast of this event will be available in all educational institutions,” - said Oleg Asmus, Ph.D. (Econ.), Director General of ANO "Ulyanovsk Region Center for Strategic Research".

About 150 events, most of which aim to promote science in the region, will be held for the public. About 100 events will take place in municipalities and will include integrated lessons and meetings with graduates of universities who have devoted their lives to science, as well as activities dedicated to the Day of the Elderly and the Teacher's Day.

A detailed list of events is available at https://www.csiul.ru/activity/tsentr-makroekonomicheskikh-issledovaniy-spetsproektov-i-ekonomicheskoy-bezopasnosti/section.php?id=170.