Ulyanovsk Region Is Developing Dairy and Meat Farms

During the thematic meeting on 28 September, Governor Sergey Morozov examined the outcome of tasks completed within the Food Security Doctrine and preliminary conclusions on the work of the regional agro-industrial complex in 2020.



The head of the region said, “Speaking of the intermediate results in the Ulyanovsk region's agriculture sector this year, we can see a positive development dynamic. The index of the physical volume of agricultural production made about 110-115% compared to the level of last year. The most important indicator of the new Food Security Doctrine is not only production of food, but also how affordable it is for the population. Farms of the Ulyanovsk region perform special stock breeding to improve the gene pool of animals. For example, according to results of 2020, gross milk production is to reach 230 thousand tons, and in 2021 this indicator will make 235 thousand tons.”

According to experts, a record grain harvest played the main role in achievements of the agro-industrial sector. “We can also see positive dynamics in livestock production. In 2020-21, we predict to continue growing in this industry. First of all, this applies to increasing the number of cattle and the volume of milk and meat production. Over the past five years, gross milk production has been steadily growing in the region and amounted to 219.6 thousand tons in 2019, which is by 3.9% more than in 2018. This is facilitated by the technology upgrading carried out in this sphere and implementation of investment projects,” - said Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Chairman of the Government - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region.

According to experts of the relevant agency, processing facilities need high-quality raw materials, especially slaughter cattle stock. For this reason, next year it is planned to launch the Smart Farm programme to develop dairy and meat farms. It will be based on the "from production to processing" principle. In particular, meat processing enterprises will provide incentives to agricultural goods producers to acquire special livestock; the programme also involves improvement of feeding technologies and compliance with all veterinary norms and standards. This way agricultural manufacturers will be sure that they are guaranteed to sell their livestock, and processing facilities will receive high-quality raw materials for production of meat goods, which includes semi-finished product for babies.

The significant increase in meat production is possible primarily due to the more intensive development of beef cattle breeding. About 220 million eggs and 11.6 thousand tons of poultry meat will be produced in the Ulyanovsk region within implementation of investment projects next year.