Ulyanovsk Region Continues Construction of Unique Research Reactor Unit

During his visit to the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors in Dimitrovgrad on 28 September, Governor Sergey Morozov met up with Yury Olenin, Deputy Director General for Science and Strategy at Rosatom.



During the meeting, the parties examined a construction site for the future Multi-Purpose Fast Neutron Research Reactor (MBIR). Currently, it is an ongoing project that will be the most important one for development of the domestic nuclear industry. The facility will become a new technology platform for nuclear power engineering.

“We highly appreciate how the regional Government treats our institute. Thanks to this, the city's infrastructure is developing, the quality of life is improving, and the enterprise itself is becoming better. We resumed construction of the MBIR, which will provide the region with new jobs and bring it to a new level. Our goal is to make RIAR an international gateway to scientific activities,” - commented Yury Olenin.

The International Research Center based on the MBIR reactor (IRC MBIR) is the most important project for the long-term development of the domestic nuclear industry, which will ensure Russia's leading position in development of innovative reactor technologies for the next fifty years. It is planned that the new reactor will replace the current research facility (BOR-60) and will significantly expand the existing capacities by increasing the neutron flux density, as well as the quality and number of experimental volumes.

“We are currently expanding support measures for Dimitrovgrad. Every year, huge amounts of money are used to improve the city's infrastructure. Such facilities as the Start stadium and the Neutron club are under reconstruction; we are finishing complete overhaul of the kindergarten "Krasnaya shapochka". Our plans include construction of a new school. A substantial budget was allocated for the repair of yards, roads, as well as improvement of parks and public gardens. Our task is to make the city as comfortable as possible for its residents,” - said Sergey Morozov.

The agreement between the region and Rosatom on interactions in the socio-economic sector has been active since 2009; its main purpose is to provide residents with a comfortable living environment.

“We actively participate in various projects implemented by Rosatom such as the programme for gifted children "Atomklassy" (Atomclasses), under which we have purchased equipment for physics and chemistry  laboratories of Dimitrovgrad Multidisciplinary Lyceum and the "ROSATOM's Territory of Culture" project, which includes, for example, a festival for small-scale theatre performance "Teatralniy AtomGrad" (Theatre · AtomCity). In 2010, Rosatom supported the region's initiative to create a Nuclear Innovation Cluster of the city of Dimitrovgrad (Ulyanovsk Region). Its goal was to introduce the solutions for development of various sectors of the economy and the social sphere. The number of cluster members is increasing every year. For example, five companies joined it in 2020, so today, the cluster includes 70 organizations,” - said Alexander Smekalin, Head of the regional Cabinet of Ministers.

JSC «SSC RIAR» takes the leading position in Russia and the world in the field of nuclear energy. Every year, The institute, which is the main experimental facility of ROSATOM, carries out research important for development and safety of nuclear power engineering in Russia, as well as for foreign nuclear centers.