New Compound Feed Production Equipment Installed in Melekessky District

On 6 October, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov examined the enterprise of OOO "Zolotoy kolos" and discussed prospects for its future development.



The head of the region commented, “Agriculture has been steadily developing over the last years. Positive dynamics in the livestock industry are predicted to continue this year. This applies, first of all, to the increase in the number of cattle and the volume of milk and meat production, which is supported by the technological upgrade and implementation of investment projects in this sphere. It is important to provide residents of the region with high-quality locally-made products, so we will continue supporting local agricultural manufacturers.”

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, the new compound feed production equipment of OOO "Zolotoy kolos" meets all food-related needs of pig farms. He said, “We believe that this project is a priority one since pig farms have a great potential for meat production. We understand that this is our food security. In addition, the company has demonstrated a responsible attitude towards its production by following safety procedures and fulfilling all requirements to prevent animals from getting ill. This project deserves further support.”

OOO "Zolotoy kolos" has been selling live weight pork since April 2019. Since the beginning of 2020, this indicator has made 1357 tons, and it is planned that it will reach 1600 tons in 2020. When the facility comes to the full production capacity, it will be able to produce 36 thousand tons of meat. Currently, the company has 4480 hectares of land, as well as 68 units of agricultural machinery and 20 automotive vehicles necessary for farmwork. Raw materials have been purchased for production of compound feed. Eight new jobs will be created for residents of the region. The total construction costs made 83.9 million rubles.

“Today we have more than eight thousand pigs. We have built an indoor platform for grain post-harvesting and purchased farmland. We are thinking of opening extra facilities for more efficient work in the future. I would like to thank the regional Government for the considerable assistance in construction of our compound feed production facility. The company employs about 70 people now. The number of staff will increase with the expansion. We sell 95-96% of our products in the Ulyanovsk region,” - said Rais Khusnutdinov, Director of OOO "Zolotoy kolos".