Sengileyevsky District: Construction of Inter-Settlement Gas Pipeline to Begin in 2020

On 9 October, Governor of Ulyanovsk Region Sergey Morozov examined construction site of the gas supply system in Artyushkino village.



The Governor emphasized, “Providing settlements with gas is still one of our priorities. As for Artyushkino, we have a clear insight into financing of the project and deadlines for the whole building and installation work connected with both inter-settlement and intra-settlement gas pipelines. But we also understand that connecting each household to the gas supply network is a very expensive task for the population, so it is necessary to make lists of multi-child families, pensioners, low-income people; in other words, those who need financial aid from social welfare services to get access to gas.”

According to Alexander Cherepan, Minister of Energy, Public Utilities and Urban Environment of Ulyanovsk Region, construction of the intra-settlement gas pipeline in Artyushkino began this summer. Currently, 6.5 km out of the total 21.8 km of the gas pipeline have been completed. Construction will finish by December of next year. According to the contract, the total cost of work will make 30.98 million rubles. In 2020, five million rubles of subsidies were provided from the regional budget for these purposes; in 2021, this sum will reach 25.98 million rubles.

“There are 656 people in our village. We have been waiting for gas for a very long time; this is a pressing issue because when it becomes cold, our residents spend a lot of money to stock up firewood and to buy cylinder-stored gas, firewood and coal. We hope that we will have this natural fuel so that we could leave our warm apartments and return to them being still cozy and warm, so that our stoves always worked. The entire population is looking forward to this big event,” - said Natalya Kiryanova, Administrator of Artyushkino.

In addition, construction of a 7.53 kilometers long inter-settlement gas pipeline (Silikatny - Kuchury - Smorodino - Artyushkino) will begin in 2020; the project is worth 23.67 million rubles. The contractor starts work on 20 October and is going to lay about three kilometers of pipes this year.

In total, the regional budget includes 236.76 million rubles to bring gas to settlements of the Ulyanovsk region in 2020. Using these funds, construction of 88.05 kilometres long intra-settlements gas networks has been completed in five settlements of Baryshsky and Veshkaymsky District; Baryshsky, Maynsky, Melekessky and Starokulatkinsky Districts have started working on six new facilities with the total length of 90.15 km. Design specifications and estimates are being prepared for 116.53 kilometers long intra-village gas pipelines that will be laid in 12 settlements of the region.