Sergey Morozov Presents Experience of Ulyanovsk Region in Modernization of Public Transport

On 13 October, the Governor spoke at the plenary discussion "Comprehensive Program for Modernization of Passenger Transport in Metropolitan Areas" at Public Transport 2020 forum in Moscow.



During his speech, the head of the region proposed to implement a comprehensive programme for modernization of public transport in the regions of the country.

Sergey Morozov said, “In the Ulyanovsk region, the first place where we started developing a new model of transport services was the regional center. It is based on the integrated approach. On the one hand, this includes setting urban electric transport as the priority one at the main roads. On the other hand, methane gas-powered midibuses should be more important in microdistricts. We have introduced a social standard of transport services for the population and have begun upgrading the vehicle fleet, as well as renewing the infrastructure. Based on the experience in implementation of a comprehensive modernization model, we suggest that the topic of federal support for regions should be included in proposals of the Forum.”

Currently, Ulyanovsk is the only city in Russia that received federal aid to purchase tram cars under the Renewal of Vehicle Stock policy as part of the Safe and High-Quality Motorways national project, which was initiated by President Vladimir Putin.

So far, the first ten low-floor trams (of the planned twenty-nine) have arrived in Ulyanovsk and are used at popular city routes, which has improved the quality of life in the city, especially for residents with disabilities.

Investment in the modernization of public transport infrastructure in the Ulyanovsk region will total 22 billion rubles. In 2021, it is planned to sign a concession agreement on urban electric transport.

At the moment, the Government of the Russian Federation together with the state corporation "VEB.RF" is developing a comprehensive programme for modernization of passenger transport in metropolitan areas, which will update the vehicle stock and optimize the route networks.

It is planned that by 2030, the program will cover 104 urban communities - in particular, 75% of buses and up to 25% of the city electric transport will be updated. The project will be worth 5.1 trillion rubles.

According to organizers, the Public Transport 2020 forum will become an annual a platform for dialogue promotion and support of business initiatives, which aim to implement projects for modernization of public transport, digitalization of the industry, development of urban public infrastructure and attraction of investments into city projects.