Ten Athletes to Represent Ulyanovsk Region at Russian Boxing Championship

The sports event will take place in the region from 24 October to 1 November.



The Championship's organizing committee, which is chaired by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, has started its work.

“Ulyanovsk region has always been active in holding various sports competitions. In recent years, we have found our proper place in the calendar of sporting events including All-Russian and international ones. Russian Kickboxing Championship was held in the region about a month ago, and Kudo National Tournament finished a week ago. Our team got the first place there. And now we have the honor to hold Women's Russian Boxing Championship, which will serve as a preliminary round for the Olympics. We have a traditionally strong boxing school, and our women's team is one of the leaders in the Russian Federation. As of today, there are about three thousand people doing this sport in the region. I am sure that it will be a significant competition for the region and our athletes,” - said Alexander Smekalin, Chairman of the Government of Ulyanovsk Region.

The boxing championship will be held in ten weight categories. It is expected that fifty regions will be represented at the competition. Boxing Federation of Russia highly praised preparations for the tournament.

“We hold competitions annually, and the Ulyanovsk region offered the best conditions both for the Championship and athletes. Ulyanovsk has a very good boxing story, which continues to impress. A huge number of children are doing in this sport now; the regional federation is actively working for its development. The authorities, the Governor in particular, provide excellent support, and we are very grateful for this. We can see that the region is very responsible about organization of the event. All preparations are carried out at the highest level,” - said Umar Kremlev, General Secretary of the Boxing Federation of Russia.

The region will host the all-Russian tournament from 24 October to 1 November. Competitions will be held at Volga-Sport-Arena. According to the Chairman of the Government, all athletes will come to the region only after undergoing Covid-19 tests, while places of residence will also have extra premises for testing. To ensure compliance with the social distancing rules and in accordance with the Decree of Governor Sergey Morozov, only 40% of the total audience capacity will be allowed to watch the tournament. Face masks and gloves will be required for all indoors (outside the ring) events.

“In ten days, the strongest female athletes will come to the region from all over Russia. The Ulyanovsk region will be represented by ten sportswomen of the regional boxing school. Now they are actively preparing in Dimitrovgrad under the strict supervision of head coach Ayrat Bogdanov. The competition will serve as preliminaries for the Olympics, and we have a good chance to win,” - commented Ramil Egorov, Minister of Physical Education and Sport of Ulyanovsk Region.

According to Igor Orlov, President of the Boxing Federation of Ulyanovsk Region, the Federation is actively developing thanks to the support of the federal center. Currently, 50 boxing clubs are available in the region where about 65 coaches train athletes. In particular, this support is provided within the federal project "Sport as a norm of life", thanks to which sports schools have received necessary professional equipment and supplies.