Ulyanovsk Region Finishes Week of International Cooperation and Export National Project

An exhibition-forum for manufacturers "Made in Ulyanovsk Region" became the final event of the thematic week. During it, export-oriented enterprises of the region had the opportunity to find potential foreign partners and to expand their sales markets.



“Today, more than 250 manufacturers of the Ulyanovsk region are active and competitive players in the international market. Products are shipped to 88 countries. The main partners are Kazakhstan, the USA, Belarus, Denmark, Ukraine, China, Kongo, Germany, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Governor Sergey Morozov gave us a very important task to expand partnership with representatives of foreign companies. This is the aim of Made in Ulyanovsk Region exhibition-forum. We invite business representative from various countries and experts of major foreign companies to export sites. Due to the current difficult epidemiological conditions, many participants joined the event via videoconference. But this did not decrease the productivity of business events. For example, after one of online meetings, we have reached a preliminary agreement to supply products made by the Ulyanovsk furniture company to Latvia and the Czech Republic,” - said Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of Ulyanovsk Region Entrepreneurship Development Corporation.

The business programme included several important event. First, a shopping campaign with the largest wholesale and distribution import companies from Germany, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Turkey. Second, an online business mission "Sales Peculiarities in Gulf Countries", which was attended by such companies as OOO "Industrial Valves Plant", OOO "Paskom", OOO "Faros", etc. Local manufacturers were able to expand their sales markets also thanks to shopping campaigns with retail chains, distributors and marketplaces such as Wildberries, KUPIVIP, Lamoda, Yandex.Market, Goods.ru and Ozon.

During the thematic week, municipalities of the region held events connected with development of promising industries and sales of export-oriented goods. Natalya Snezhinskaya, Head of the Export of Agricultural Products federal project in the Ulyanovsk region, visited OOO "Repyevsky Cereal Plant", which main activities include agro-processing (cereals) and selling finished goods (barley groats, millet, buckwheat, peas). The facility makes a significant contribution to the region's food safety. Products are sold all around the country; and currently, the plant is actively promoting export supplies.

According to Mikhail Semenkin, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agro-Industrial Complex and Rural Development of Ulyanovsk Region, agrarians of the region have showed good results in 2020.

He emphasized, “This year, our farmers harvested a record amount of crops in the modern history of Ulyanovsk region - more than 2.1 million tons. This is more than enough both to meet the region's needs, which is 800 thousand tons, and to realize its export potential.”

The national project "International Cooperation and Export", developed at the initiative of President Vladimir Putin, aims to improve competitiveness and relevance of Russian products at the global market. The main goals of the national project are to increase non-energy exports and the share of exported manufactured and agricultural goods and services in the country's gross domestic product, as well as to create an effective system to divide labor and industrial cooperation.