Ulyanovsk Region Launches Resource Center for Training of Skilled Workers and Specialists in Housing Services and Utilities

The opening ceremony took place on 15 October.



“As of today, enterprises and organizations working in the housing and utility sector are in need of qualified specialists and workers. In addition, some employees lack industry-specific education. To solve these problems, the Center for Training of Workers and Specialists in Housing Services and Utilities has been opened at the Ulyanovsk Railway College. As part of the Young Professionals project within the national project "Education", we have also created workshops equipped in accordance with the WorldSkills standards. There people can train and achieve good results,” - commented Natalya Semenova, Minister of Education and Upbringing.

The center, which was opened by order of Governor Sergey Morozov, will prepare achievement-oriented workers for the Ulyanovsk region's housing and utilities sector. According to the director of the vocational training college, the center offers an opportunity to carry out demonstration exams and training for participants of the WorldSkills Russia regional stage in such skills as Electrical Installations and Plumbing and Heating.

“We started this work two years ago. Two buildings were repaired to prepare for the opening. Currently, we have two rooms that meet modern requirements and one workshop for the Plumbing and Heating skill set. The Center will implement short-term programmes of occupational training and supplementary vocational education for adults and students from relevant educational organizations, as well as special tests for schoolchildren of the region,” - said Favzya Rakhmatulina, Director of Ulyanovsk Railway College.

Activities will be carried out in the following areas: promotional campaigns and career counseling; implementation of short-term programmes for occupational training and supplementary vocational education; organization of regional championships on priority categories and demonstration exams; advanced training for teachers; development of the regional expert community in priority spheres; and work of the training and laboratory department "Smart House".

It is planned to create a Smart House training and laboratory department in the Center, which is in line with the tasks of the project "Formation of a comfortable urban environment" within the Housing and Urban Environment national project.

The Center is also implementing a programme for support of COVID-19 victims. It is provided to Ulyanovsk residents who are at risk of losing their jobs or who received a notification from their employer after introduction of the high-alert regime in the Ulyanovsk region, as well as students who completed their studies in 2020 and people who registered as unemployed after introduction of the high-alert regime.

The Housing Services and Utilities Center will allow regional employers to hire qualified specialists who have learned how to utilize modern equipment; it will also help to improve professional skills of the employees currently working in the housing and utilities sector through programmes of supplementary vocational education.

“I am going to study at the Housing Services and Utilities Center. I want to get new information, to learn more about this sphere. In the future, I am planning to go to a higher educational establishment to master these skills,” - said Kristina Astafieva, a student at the Center for Training of Workers and Specialists in Housing Services and Utilities.

The region is changing its vocational education system to increase the competitiveness and to achieve high-tech economic growth. Independent professional educational organizations are created to train personnel in six skill sets for the leading sectors of the economy: construction, housing services and utilities, railway sector, manufacturing industry, retail and catering, healthcare.