Electronic Commerce of Ulyanovsk Region Manufacturers Is to Increase by 20% by 2023

Governor Sergey Morozov set this task in his speech at the plenary meeting of the Made in Ulyanovsk Region forum on 16 October.



The head of the region said, “E-commerce is the future of trading, especially in the context of current pandemic and economic recovery. The share of online sales in the region is 0.3% of the total turnover now. We understand the importance of this sphere and have set ourselves ambitious goals for the next three years: the share of e-commerce must reach at least 20%, the number of stores using e-services is to make at least 70%, and the number of residents buying thing online should exceed 80%. It is necessary to increase the export of goods through e-commerce by at least 5%.”

This task can be completed thanks to the e-commerce office, which was created at the Ulyanovsk Region Entrepreneurship Development Corporation. It offers a fundamentally new set of tools: branding, certification, labeling and design, digital passport, promotion at the regional website and recovery of costs associated with commission at marketplaces.

“The current Made in Ulyanovsk Region exhibition-forum focuses on development of electronic commerce, which is particularly relevant during this year's pandemic and is actively developing. As part of the event, Ulyanovsk entrepreneurs have the opportunity to discuss cooperation with the leading marketplace of the country and sign agreements at specialized meetings. According to one of the leading marketplaces, one hundred and forty-three Ulyanovsk companies that use its services have increased the sales by 175% in the first nine months of 2020 and made more than 800 million rubles. We can see new opportunities for regional manufacturers, which is particularly needed in the context of economic recovery,” - said Ruslan Gainetdinov, Chairman of the Board of Ulyanovsk Region Entrepreneurship Development Corporation.

The Ulyanovsk region has a marketplace called Ulmade.ru, which platform offers more than 50 locally produced goods. The platform offers its services to manufacturers from various fields such as food production, farming, furniture, fittings and doors, automotive components, clothes and others.